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Professional Boxing: Dereck Chisora vs Kubrat Pulev  | 10 July, 2 AM (PST)  

Mary C

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Once again, the O2 Arena is about to witness a momentous battle. This Sunday, July 10 at 2 AM (PST), we’re about to witness a rematch between two heavyweight dinosaurs Derek Chisora and Kubrat Pulev. The O2 has long been a favorable hunting ground for 38-year-old Chisora as he’s won five of six of his consecutive games there in the past. 41-year-old Pulev, on the other hand, has not had that much luck in London. That said, Pulev won against Chisora six years ago. Will we see triumphant revenge on Chisora’s behalf? Or will Pulev school him for the second time around? Here’s what we think. 


Derek Chisora is a British boxer, 6’1 ½ ft in height with a 74 in reach. This heavyweight has had a total of 44 fights; 32 wins, 12 losses, and 23 of the corresponding wins as knockouts. He’s waited more than half a decade for this rematch against former Pulev after the European heavyweight title in 2016. Back then, Pulev was Chisora’s 6th defeat. Due to health concerns and aging, Chisora has been plagued with suggestions of retirement, but with this upcoming match, there’s no denying both boxers have gone against time. With Pulev being 41 now, there’s a chance his abilities have been diminished all the same. 


Kubrat Pulev is a Bulgarian fighter, 6’4 ½ ft in height with a 79 ½ in reach. This boxer has a total of 31 fights; 29 wins, two losses, and 14 of the corresponding wins as knockouts. The only two fighters to defeat Pulev are Wladimir Klitschko and Joshua, and they are considerably above Chisora’s class as they are unified world champions. This shows that there’s a technical level of caliber in play that puts Pulev in an advantageous position against Chisora.


With both fighters being taunted by retirement (Chisora especially), neither seem to be considering that option anytime soon. Pulev even provokes that he’ll be the one to send Chisora to retirement. Chisora, consequently, says he will not be retiring whether he wins or loses Sunday’s face-off. As this battle is already set in stone, there’s no backing out now. However, we have reason to believe Pulev will prevail. Greater record and better health and shape, he can tumble the mighty Chisora despite his eagerness for revenge. We just hope Chisora reconsiders retirement while his record is still high and dignified. It’s Pulev for this bout.   


2 AM, Sunday, July 10, 2022. O2 Arena, London, UK. 

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