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UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2022: Spain vs Finland | 9 July, 12:00 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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GK | Sandra Paños 

 RFB | Ona Batlle 

RCB | Irene Paredes 

LCB | María Pilar León 

LFB | Leila Ouahabi 

 LCM | Aitana Bonmatí 

DM | Patricia Guijarro 

RCM | Mariona Caldentey 

RW | Esther González 

CF | Nahikari García 

LW | Athenea del Castillo 



GK | Tinja-Riikka Korpela 

RFB | Tuija Hyyrynen 

RCB | Anna Westerlund 

LCB | Elli Pikkujämsä 

LFB | Emma Koivisto 

DM | Adelina Engman 

AM | Emmi Alanen 

CM | Eveliina Summanen 

CF | Ria Öling 

CF | Linda Sällström 

RW | Sanni Franssi 



What an exciting time this Saturday to kick off another match of the UEFA Women’s Championships League with Spain’s La Roja heading to face Finland for one of three matchdays at Stadium MK, Milton Keynes, England.  


Spain has always had a powerful presence in the UEFA Women’s Championships League with Barcelona dominating the field in the previous seasons, which is in stark contrast to Finland, who is only back in the finals after 2017. As of now, Spain holds excellent form with 2.60 points per game and eight wins, two draws, and zero losses in their last ten games. Their stats show 5.70 goals scored per match and only 0.20 conceded. Not only does this emphasize the team's ability to work together cohesively and create a powerful offensive, but it shows the cohesiveness of their defensive lineup that can help keep up against the competition. However, it is not looking all positive for Spain as the ACL injury of superstar Winger/Midfielder Alexia Putellas alongside Jenni Hermoso has left a huge gap in Spain’s offense. It is now up to Caldentey to fill in the shoes of the two superstars and hopefully bring in some hope to the team after the devastating injuries of their top players.  


On the side of the pitch, Finland seems to be struggling this season with only three wins, two draws, and a disappointing five losses in their last ten fixtures. They currently hold an average form of 1.10 points per game, 1.70 goals score per match, and a very poor 1.60 goals conceded per match. Their last match ended in a loss, and they have yet to prove themselves with more wins to move up the ladder of the Championships League, especially against such a formidable force that is Spain. Despite the injuries of their opponent, Finland will have to make sure to play a careful and extremely cohesive defensive game against Spain if they want to have a chance of possibly winning against the team. Center midfielders Summanen and Alanen have to make sure to keep a slight defensive playstyle alongside their defensive lineup in order to support the team against the dominating of Spain’s top strikers. The most important thing Finland can do for now as this is only the first game is to get a feel for any weak points in Spain's defense. Will they fend off attacks from them?


Overall, despite big blows to their offensive lineup, the odds seem to be in favor of Spain, who have racked up a significant amount of wins this season and are seemingly out for blood this coming match for the first of three matchdays in the UEFA Women’s Championships League. 


12:00 AM (PST), Saturday, 9 July 2022. Stadium MK, Milton Keynes, England.

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