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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres | 3 July, 7:15 AM (PST) 

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C | Will Smith 

FB | Freddie Freeman 

SB | Gavin Lux 

S | Trea Turner 

TB | Justin Turner 

LF | Chris Taylor 

CF | Cody Bellinger 

RF | Mookie Betts 

DH | Max Muncy 



C | Jorge Alfaro 

FB | Eric Hosmer 

SB | Jake Cronenworth 

S | Ha-seong Kim 

TB | Manny Machado 

LF | Jurickson Profar 

CF | Trent Grisham 

RF | Will Myers 

DH | Luke Voit 

In this series of four, game one has already come and gone in favor of the home team LA Dodgers. On the board, rivals San Pedro Padres (5th) are quite too close for the Dodgers’ (3rd) comfort. Will the Dodgers be able to hold them off at a better distance? Or will the Padres grapple and trample on them to get higher to the top? Here are our thoughts so far: 


The San Diego Padres, who finished 17th in MLB’s 2021 season, are doing surprisingly well as far as this season has progressed. Currently fifth with 46-32, they’ve won 21-16 home and 25-16 away. Typically, teams are expected to perform better at home, but this phenomenon might just help the Padres outdo these MLB dynamos. Manny Machado currently leads the team in terms of batting, and Joe Musgrove takes the lead in pitching for the Padres. Both players are of sizeable caliber even when put side by side with the Dodgers’ own.

On the Dodgers’ end of the spectrum, there’s definitely pressure to get back on top, especially when they started the season so neck-and-neck with the Yankees. As they’ve already managed to bag a win against the Padres, they definitely hold an advantage as we speak. With a combined ERA of 2.98, SLG of .428, and an OBP of .328, they outperform the Padres in numbers without a doubt. Their disadvantage for this upcoming match is their injured players. Their injury report is composed of five players; Daniel Hudson, Zach McKinstry, Caleb Ferguson, David Price, and batting score leader Mookie Betts.  


Our verdict. The Padres have come a long way from last season, and the Dodgers are proving to be just as sharp. The track record and experience of the Dodgers offer them this “leg-room”, especially when it comes to playing against a team like the Padres. However, this is where things might blindside them. Seeing how far the Padres have come, showing linear improvements and all, we expect them to show some teeth. We’ll be going against the grain and wager on the San Diego team for this match. They seem to be showing some fire at this point of the season, wanting to redeem themselves from last season’s mediocre finish. It will definitely be a close game, but it’s looking more and more for us that the Padres will take this one home without a speck of doubt. 


7: 15 AM (PST), Sunday, 3 July 2022. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. 

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