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Rugby: Romania vs Italy | 2 July, 2:00 AM (PST) 

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L | Marius Antonescu 

P | Alex Gordas 

FL | Cristian Chirica 

H | Ovidiu Cojocaru 

L | Adrian Motoc 

SH | Gabriel Rupanu 

P | Basile Balan 

FL | Dragos Ser 

FB | Marius Simionescu 

W | Ionut Dumitru 

C | Hinckley Vaovasa 

C | Jason Tomane 

W | Nicolas Onutu 

FH | Tudor Boldor Boghita 



L | Marco Fuser 

P | Danilo Fischetti 

FL | Giovanni Pettinelli 

H | Giacomo Nicotera 

L | Federico Ruzza 

SH | Callum Bradley 

P | Pietro Ceccarelli 

FL | Michelle Lamaro 

FB | Ange Capuozzo 

W | Monty Loane 

C | Juan Ignacio Brex 

C | Leonardo Marin 

W | Edoardo Padovani 

FH | Paolo Garbisi 



This Saturday, 2:00 AM (PST), Romania will be taking on Italy for a friendly game of Rugby at their home court in Arcul de Trumf, Bucharest, Romania. The match will be both teams' first time playing each other since 2019, and it is one to look out for this week. 


Looking over at Romania’s standings, the team stands in third place in the Rugby Europe Championships, totaling 14 points. In the World Rankings, Romania is at 17th. And so far into the season, the team has been strong in holding their own. In the last two games within Six Nations, they were able to garner two victories. They finished with a 37-27 victory against Portugal and a 34-25 victory against Russia. Throughout the season, they have garnered a total of 61 points, 140 carries, 47 kicks from hand, and 239 tackles. They caught a lucky break recently with Spain’s appeal against points deduction was rejected moving Romania in their place in the Rugby World Cup. For this game, the team will be taking a WLLWW form.  


When we take a look over at Italy, they stand at 14th place in the World Rugby ranking. However, they have not been faring too well in the Six Nations with their last five games only garnering them one victory of a close 21-22 score. The majority of the games contain a wide gap between scores such as a 0-33 loss against England and a 57-6 loss against Ireland. So far in the season, Italy has had 80 points, 392 carries, 99 kicks from hand, and 521 tackles. This shows a higher stats record from Italy than Romania, but that can be accounted for due to Romania not having played as many games as Italy. Italy will be taking a WWLLL form for this upcoming friendly match against Romania.  


For the upcoming match this Saturday, the odds are in the favor of Romania as they have kept a strong team with a good track record so far this season, and with the losing streak of Italy, it is not looking good for the Italians.  


2:00 AM (PST), Saturday, July 2, 2022. Arcul de Triumf,  Bucharest, Romania. 

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