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MLB: New York Yankees vs Oakland Athletics | 28 June, 7:05 AM (PST) 

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C | Kyle Higashioka 

FB | Anthony Rizzo 

SB | DJ LeMahieu 

S | Isaiah Kiner-Falefa 

TB | Josh Donaldson 

LF | Joey Gallo 

CF | Aaron Hicks 

RF | Aaron Judge 

DH | Giancarlo Stanton 



C | Sean Murphy 

FB | Christian Bethancourt 

SB | Tony Kemp 

S | Elvis Andrus 

TB | Jonah Bride 

LF | Seth Brown 

CF | Christian Pache 

RF | Ramon Laureano 

DH | Jed Lowrie 



This Tuesday, June 28, the Oakland Athletics will be paying the Big Apple a visit for a David and Goliath match. As Oakland rests at the utmost bottom of the MLB pile with 24-49 and the consistently standing frontrunner New York Yankees with 52-20, we take this David and Goliath comparison quite literally. However, will the same story unravel wherein the underdog takes the win? Stay tuned for this match, courtesy of the Yankee Stadium, 7:05 AM (PST). 


Once again, Oakland sports have the worst record in the entire MLB. They were projected to finish with 64 wins according to FanGraphs’ projection, but if they keep playing like so, they might end up with 53-109 or worse. This potential outcome would be record-breakingly bad as their worst record in history was back in 1979 with 54-108. However, not all is bad for the Athletics. The A’s have a rising champion right now— a talent that even the Yankees are eyeing— and that’s Frankie Montas. Conveniently enough, Montas is also the expected pitcher for this upcoming game. Does this mean the A’s will become a sudden dark horse in this series? 


Alternatively, the New York Yankees are playing quite consistently this time in the season. Winning seven of their last 10 games, the Yankees are further distancing themselves from their closest competitors; those being the Mets (47-26) and Astros (45-26) as of the moment. The New York team was able to successfully make space especially after being so neck-and-neck with the Los Angeles Dodgers early into the season. With the Dodgers down to fourth and a good gap between second and third, the Yankees are faring exceptionally well thus far. The only thing they need to look out for in this game against the A’s is Montas is that he is definitely not one to underestimate. Luckily, they have the ironclad Aaron Judge for that and any other threat they might encounter. 


As bad things may look for the A’s fate, it’s not like the Yankees will be kind enough to alleviate their harrowing demise. We see the Yankees not just winning but piling into the Athletics’ losing record. With Judge very much healthy and uninjured, Montas may serve as a challenge, but that’s all he’ll be until Oakland gets their team in order to magnify Montas’ potential. 


7:05 AM Tuesday, 28 June 2022. Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY. 

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