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MLS: Atlanta United vs Inter Miami | 20 June, 3 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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GK | Bobby Shuttleworth 

LB | Noah Cobb 

RB | Brooks Lennon 

CB | Alan Franco 

CB | Alex De John 

MF | Marlos Moreno 

MF | Franco Ibarra 

MF | Matheus Rossetto 

MF | Luiz Araujo 

F | Josef Martínez 

F | Ronaldo Cisneros 



GK | Drake Callender 

LB | Christopher McVey 

RB | DeAndre Yedlin 

CB | Ryan Sailor 

CB | Damion Lowe 

MF | Jean Mota 

MF | Gregore 

MF | Ariel Lassiter 

MF | Bryce Duke 

F | Indiana Vassilev 

F | Leonardo Campana 


For both teams, Atlanta United and Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference hasn’t been very eventful, and both teams have struggled to garner significant wins. However, in the upcoming game this Monday, both teams will hopefully change the tide going head to head at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium at 3:00 AM (PST).  


At the moment, Atlanta United is at an unimpressive 11th place in the Eastern Conference with four wins, four draws, and five losses. The last four games played had no wins, and it is looking like the team may not make it to qualify for the postseason. Despite their dominant possession and amount of shots taken, they are unable to push through with their offense as highlighted in their game against the Colorado Rapids which ended with a 3-0 loss. When looking at their games against Inter Miami, the track record is not looking too good, having lost thrice and only winning twice. Despite this, Inter Miami must keep an eye on Atlanta’s leading scorer Ronaldo Cisneros, who holds four goals, and Thiago Almada who holds three goals with a total of 11 points. Players who will be out this match due to injuries/suspensions for Atlanta are Osvaldo Alonso, Machop Chol, Dylan Castanheira, Bradley Guzan, and Miles Robinson. 


Despite manager Phil Neville’s determination to turn Inter Miami CF into a top MLS team, this season hasn’t been the greatest for them, currently sitting in ninth place in the Eastern Conference with five wins, three draws, and six losses. However, there is still gleaming hope for Miami as they are only one point off of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, and due to their winning streak recently, they may have a chance. Previously, Inter Miami put a stop to their winless streak earlier on in the season and won their last four matches as well as games against the New England Revolution, Seattle Sounders, Atlanta United, and Miami FC. The players that Atlanta has to watch out for in this game are leading scorer Leonardo Campana, with seven goals and one assist, and Robert Taylor who holds two goals and 13 points. In terms of injured/suspended players out of this game, Inter Miami CF has Nick Marsman, Joevin Jones, Ian Fray, and Robbie Robinson ruled out.  


Atlanta United has been down in the gutters this season, and it is not looking too good for them at the moment with their current streak. Inter Miami, on the other hand, started very rough with a handful of conceded games but is currently on a high winning streak, and the odds will likely be in favor of Miami this coming Monday in the Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference game. 


3:00 AM (PST), Monday, June 20, 2022. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta city, USA.  

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