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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics | 11 June, 9 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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PG | Stephen Curry 

SG | Klay Thompson 

SF | Andrew Wiggins 

PF | Kevon Looney 

C | Draymond Green 



PG | Marcus Smart 

SG | Jaylen Brown 

SF | Jayson Tatum 

PF | Al Horford 

C | Robert Williams III 


Coming in hot after their Game 3 win, the Boston Celtics are amped up to be playing Game 4 at home. As the NBA has narrowed down its teams for the finals, two revered teams have come out on top. This Saturday, the Golden State Warriors are a tad closer to coming back to sunny state Califonia, and hopefully, they come home victorious for the post-season. 9 AM at the TD Garden, it’s Boston Celtics versus the Golden State Warriors.  


Finishing the regular season as Eastern Conference’s second with 51-31, Boston was stellar in comparison to finishing the 2020-21 season in seventh place. Now at post-season, they’ve even outdone Miami Heat, the East’s first, and are one point ahead of the Golden State Warriors in the finals. With no injured players or those associated with scandals on grounds of being suspended, the Celtics enjoy the advantage of a full roster. 


Playing away, the Warriors must not be looked down upon despite their loss in game 3. Still formidable and daunting as ever, the Dubs finished the regular season third in the Western Conference with 53-29. Though technically ranked lower, the Warriors hold the better record in the NBA per regular season. The problem this post-season, notably the finals, however, is the absence of their ace: Stephen Curry. Curry is their key player, no offense to Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney, but Curry has been carrying the team for seasons now. While other team players have faired well without him in the past, Boston will not be so easy when it’s the playoff trophy is at stake.  


To conclude, while both teams are magnificent in their own right, we’ve decided on a probable victor. The Boston Celtics have the advantage to take this win home, especially with Curry’s predicted absence for game 4. The Greens will not cease to take that opportunity. However, the Dubs are not to be underestimated as they have long been known to be the kings of comebacks. While it’s expected that the Celtics are to take this win, the Dubs might very well win game 5. 


9 AM (PST), 11 June 2022, TD Garden Arena in Boston, MA.

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