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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics | 6 June, 8 AM (PST)

Mary C

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PG | Stephen Curry 

SG | Klay Thompson 

SF | Andrew Wiggins 

PF | Kevon Looney 

C | Draymond Green 



PG | Marcus Smart 

SG | Jaylen Brown 

SF | Jayson Tatum 

PF | Al Horford 

C | Robert Williams III 



Coming in hot from their win in game one, the Boston Celtics will be battling it out once again in game two against their opponents Golden State, at the famous Chase Center in San Francisco. Game two of Golden State vs the Boston Celtics, a match not to be missed, will begin this coming Monday, June 6, at 8 AM (PST). 


In their previous game, the Dubs were outscored by the Celts with a shocking score of 108-120, shocking many basketball fans around the globe and giving the boost of confidence possibly needed for the Celtics to win game two, and maybe even the finals. However, the Celtics' home court win may be the fuel needed to rekindle Golden State's winning streak again to play a close game this Monday in their home court.  


We must keep in mind that Golden State is not a force to be reckoned with. As in the postseason, the Dubs were greatly outscoring their opponents by margins of 25.4 points per 100 possessions. More so, despite the loss during game one, Golden State was dominating the majority of the game but only fell off towards the end, exerting all their energy much too early on. In terms of the Celtics' defense during the game, the Dubs were able to deal with the pressure put on them by the Celts and will most likely be able to give back that same energy in game two. However, it is expected that Jayson Tatum will be playing better this upcoming game after he went 3 for 17 in the opener, as well as major support from Al Hoford, Marcus Smart, and Derrick White.  


Overall, it is looking like Game 2 will be a close one, considering the impressive track record of both teams recently. However, despite MVP Jayson Tatum on the Celtics side and support from the talented team, Golden State has something to prove and is in favor to win game 2, hopefully set to make a comeback after the shocking defeat last game.  


8:00 AM, Monday, June 6, 2022, Chase Center, San Francisco, CA.

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