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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Pittsburgh Pirates | 31 May, 10:10 AM (PST)

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C | Will Smith 

FB | Freddie Freeman 

SB | Gavin Lux 

S | Trea Turner 

TB | Justin Turner 

LF | Chris Taylor 

CF | Cody Bellinger 

RF | Mookie Betts 

DH | Max Muncy 



C | Michael Perez 

FB | Yoshitomo Tsutsugo 

SB | John VanMeter 

S | Rodolfo Castro 

TB | Ke’Bryan Hayes 

LF | Ben Gamel 

CF | Bryan Reynolds 

RF | Jack Suwinski 

DH | Daniel Vogelback 


On their way from San Diego after going head-to-head against the Padres, the Pirates will be heading to their only trip to the Dodger Stadium this Tuesday. As the L.A. Dodgers welcome the Pittsburgh Penguins to their humble abode, the Penguins shouldn’t get too comfortable with a warm welcome. Read on to find out why. 


Coming back home from a successful series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Dodgers have the Diamondbacks floored from their visit to Chase Field. In their first game against Arizona this Friday, the match finished with 14-1 in favor of the Dodgers. It's a 13-point differential. We’re just hoping the Diamondbacks get back up from that. They didn’t hold out from poor Arizona, so it’s safe to assume Pittsburgh will be receiving the same, if not worse, treatment. Placing first in the National League West and second in Major League Baseball, L.A. is on a mission to dethrone their fiercest competitors, the Yankees. One win behind, the Dodgers will do all in their power to show New York they belong on top.  


Next, the Pennsylvania natives and National League Central third placers, the Pirates. With a 19-26 win-loss record, they rank 23rd overall out of 30 teams making them the definite underdog on paper. In spite of their obvious inferiority statistically, this does not mean they do not have talent. One of Pittsburgh’s pitching leaders is Jose Quintana, with an Earned Run Average (ERA) of 2.15, higher than Los Angeles’s Julio Urias. This rating classifies him as an excellent pitcher, essentially one of the best. Next to Ke’Bryan Hayes and Ben Gamel, the Pirates stand a fighting chance against their grueling opponents.  


This Tuesday at the Dodger Stadium, we’ve decided on a winner. As this will not come as a surprise, home team Dodgers are expected to win. With their caliber winning eight of their last 10 games and the motivation to climb the MLB ladder, Los Angeles will be bringing their A-game, and the Pirates will be collateral damage. They are coming to win, and in true Dodgers fashion, we say “it’s an L.A. thing”.  


10:10 AM (PST), Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA.

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