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Premier League: Liverpool F.C. vs Real Madrid | 29 May, 3 AM (PST)

Mary C

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G | Thibaut Courtois 

CB | David Alaba, Eder Militao 

L FB | Ferland Mendy 

R FB | Dani Carvajal 

C MF | Casemiro 

L MF | Toni Kroos 

R MF | Luka Modric  

W | Vinicius Junior, Marco Asensio 

CF | Karim Benzema  



G | Alisson 

CB | Joel Matip, Virgil van Djik 

L FB | Andrew Robertson 

R FB | Trent Alexander-Arnold 

C MF | Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara, Jordan Henderson 

L MF | Luis Diaz 

R MF | Diogo Jota 

ST | Sadio Mane 



Going into this match is La Liga’s champion, Real Madrid, against the English Premier League’s second yet highly favored fan favorite, Liverpool F.C. Spain’s contender has their league title, but does that mean they’ll prove to be victorious against one of England’s best?  


Real Madrid might have won the La Liga title; however, it was an odd season for the Spanish league. Many of the league’s teams, such as Barcelona (2nd), Atletico Madrid (3rd), and Sevilla (4th), were all playing a little less awe-inspiring than usual. Real Madrid a.k.a Los Blancos finished with a 26-8-4 record totaling 86 points in La Liga. 


In the EPL, there has been comparatively tighter competition. Liverpool has been one to wreak havoc everywhere they go, and as they tread undefeated in the Champions League, they gain even more power. Liverpool a.k.a The Reds finished second with 28-8-2 totaling 92 points— one point below the EPL ‘21-’22 titleholder Manchester City.  


Historically, every time Los Blancos has qualified for the European finals, they’ve won all of them - all seven. This has led to the popular saying that Real Madrid does not play for the finals; they win them. The Reds, on the other hand, are eyeing their seventh UEFA Cup even more so now that the Premier League Cup title has slipped from their fingertips.  


We have two highly-motivated and incredibly high-caliber teams playing this Sunday, and it’s the most perfectly explosive match to end the Champions League. It’s quite the feat to try and predict the awaited match’s outcomes, but it’s the cross we have to carry. Alas, we side with Liverpool one last time this season. They have been fiends this ‘21-’22 season, and one reason they were a nightmare to play against is that they have patience. They don’t lose composure when things don’t go to plan. They never stopped aiming for the EPL title even when Man City was light-years ahead, and they were so close to dethroning them by the end of the season. Now, while no one will be surprised if they indeed win this match, it is important to note that by winning this, they want to prove something to themselves. If they don’t get the EPL Cup, then they’re taking the Champions’. It’s Liverpool all the way for us.  



UEFA Champions League — 3 AM (PST), May 29, 2022. Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France. 

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