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SMG vs. Ob.Neon 

Mary C

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Asian Arena: SMG vs. Ob.Neon 


Coming in superhot! We’ve got 2 of our best SEA Region Teams. 

SMG vs. Ob.Neon 

SMG is a top contender team coming in to play. They gave us a good fight to watch against the Boom Esports last September 26. However, they fell short by 2-3 by Boom Esports, thus taking only 2nd place in the BTS Pro s8. 

SMG is composed of 3 Malaysian superstars namely MidOne, Moon and Kpii. The team played together in numerous tournaments but haven't really won a championship yet. 

On the other hand, Ob.Neon is still struggling with their new roster. Ob.Neon placed #8 in BTS Pro s8 with a very poor performance. We did not see a lot of action coming from them, and they were stomped right away in the lower bracket by Polaris Esports (1-2). 

But coming in to Asian Arena, Ob.Neon has changed their playstyle. They have a more reliable strategy that made them place #1 seed in the Round Robin group stage, winning 15 of 20 matches, an incredible performance in this tournament.  

SMG placed #4 winning 12 out of 18 matches. 

Will this be SMG's road to victory in claiming the 1st place? Or will Ob.Neon send them to lower bracket? 

Place your bets at 747 live, and lets find out together! 

Choose your team wisely! 

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