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CSGO Pinnacle Cup: SKADE vs GamerLegion | 25 May, 4 PM (PST)

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The world's best players have completed the Major, and the rest of the counter strike community can already keep on going. On the tier-2/3 stage, intense clashes commence. Teams from outside the top 50 of the HLTV rankings will compete in the first round of the Pinnacle Cup IV, but as the tournament progresses, more competitive teams will participate. Fast-paced action, stunning headshots, and insane clutches. In the coming days, all counter strike lovers can expect everything and more. 


GamerLegion and SKADE will fight their next game at Pinnacle Cup IV on May 25 at 4PM, and we shall find out who is the better team overall eventually. 


Winning three of their three available matchups, GamerLegion had a great season in Pinnacle Cup IV's group stage. Certainly, the team did not play brilliantly, and they did give away maps, but they prevailed. We should also highlight iM, who is the tournament's greatest player in regards of single statistics following the group stage. His score is 1.31. Dust2, who is not playing at all, will be banned off the maps by GamerLegion. On the other hand, it is one of the most powerful maps for SKADE. The Swedes frequently make mistakes when choosing maps. Mirage is a popular pick among the guys. Mirage could be taken. Overpass or Mirage, the other choices are completely untrustworthy. However, none of them has GamerLegion as a favorite. On Mirage, the squad only has 56 percent of the victories. In their most recent full game, GamerLegion chose this map versus SKADE and ended up losing. In their previous match, they chose it against INDE IRAE and lost. Overpass is doing better, but it's still SKADE's best map in terms of win rate, and GamerLegion does not really appear to be the choice, particularly since SKADE recently defeated Team Vitality and Copenhagen Flames on this map. 


SKADE is in fantastic shape. The squad has claimed seven straight matches and only lost three of their last fifteen maps. Although the rivals may not be the most competitive, AGO or Sinners can be deemed dangerous tier-2 rivals. The Pinnacle Cup IV team managed to make it through the group stage but only with a 3-2 record. SKADE has two options for the forthcoming match: Inferno or Ancient. The lads have picked Inferno in their last two face-to-face encounters but have now lost two close games. So it's safe to assume that SKADE will choose Ancient this time. And even more so because the Swedes only ever had a 22% winning percentage there and have lost seven of their last eight matches. SKADE, on the contrary, has a 71% victory rate against powerful opponents. The team has defeated AGO as well as the Copenhagen Flames. They didn't seem like thrashing boys either in the encounter against ENCE. GamerLegion has little possibility of battling at the adversary peak, in my opinion. 



For the forthcoming match, SKADE appears to be the favorite. The lads are in fantastic shape, having won seven games in a row, have an edge in face-to-face encounters, and everything on the maps appears to be in their favor. 


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