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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks | 25 May, 9 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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PG | Stephen Curry 

SG | Klay Thompson 

SF | Andrew Wiggins 

PF | Jonathan Kuminga 

C | Draymond Green 



PG | Luka Doncic 

SG | Jalen Brunson 

SF | Reggie Bullock 

PF | Dorian Finney-Smith 

C | Dwight Powell 


The Warriors are once again showing us what “strength in numbers” truly means. With one more win, they are guaranteed their spot in the NBA finals, putting the Mavericks in the red zone and in dire need to stop the formidable Warriors if they want to avoid a sweep during game four. This will be held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas; 9 AM this Wednesday, May 25.  


During their previous game against the Dallas Mavericks, Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins showcased their talents alongside the teams' on-target performance, leading them to a 109-100 victory, and a 3-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals. On the side of Dallas, The “Wonder Boy” Luka Doncic delivered the team a whopping 40 points in Game 3, and Spencer Dinwiddie brought in a ray of hope with his three-pointer to make it a five-point game of 104-99 with just over a minute remaining. But even then, it was not enough to stop the unstoppable force that is the Warriors, who kept the Mavs at the tip of their fingers during the fourth quarter with Poole shooting a three for an eight-point advantage with 54 seconds left in the game.  One must only hope that Game 4 provides a turn of events, and the Mavs are able to shut down the Warriors from advancing to the finals against Boston or Miami.  


Looking back at the Mavericks' previous performances in the conference semifinals, they went down 0-2 against the Phoenix Suns but came back with a Grab 3 win as Bullock, Finney-Smith, and Kleber racked up a combined 43 points to give the Mavericks a boost back into the series. On the blue side with Golden State, they have been dominating the series and are one way from reaching their sixth NBA Finals, possibly eighth if it wasn’t for the injuries of Thompson and Curry last season. However, with the powerful dynamics of Doncic and the Mavs, Golden State still has to keep on their toes and stay on their best performance for a very hopeful journey to the finals again.  


9:00 AM, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX. 

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