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OB.Moon Asian Arena Season 1: Esports vs. Omega Esports

Mary C

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OB.Moon Asian Arena Season 1: Esports vs. Omega Esports

OB.Moon Asian Arena Season 1 

We have Boom Esports vs. Omega Esports. 

With the addition of Tims in Boom Esports, they have managed to win the championship for BTS Pro Season 8. 

Boom Esports became the winner after defeating Team SMG roster in the Grand Finals with a score of 3:2. For the victory in the tournament, Boom Esports earned $24,000, and now they have another chance to be the champion of a $50,000 prize pool. They have also been consistent in the past few weeks and will surely be dominating in the game tonight 

On the other hand, Omega Esports just revamped their roster. They won only 6 of their last 20 matches while Boom Esports won 14 out of 18 matches. Although Omega Esports' players are still new to the professional scene, they will try to play their best tonight against one of the SEA region TITANS. 

Will it be an easy stomp for Boom Esports? Or will Omega Esports give us a good fight? 

Choose your team now and place your bets at 747 live!

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