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Dota ESL One Stockholm: T1 vs Fnatic | 18 May, 6 PM (PST)

Mary C

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It's never a real pleasure seeing all three SEA delegates in the bottom bracket, fighting for their lives. Following BOOM Esports' impressive performance at GAMERS GALAXY Dubai 2022, supporters had great hopes for the SEA contender to claim majors. 


Unfortunately, with the OG vs. BOOM situation and this struggle amongst local rivals, there may only be one remaining SEA team this season. As DPC SEA Tour 2 participants, T1 and Fnatic have a long-standing competition to outsmart each other. Whenever it gets to that point, T1 has a stronger base in the midgame and early on when it comes to maneuvering around goals. T1 can rely on good performances with Kim "Gabbi" Villafuerte Santos and Karl "Karl" Matthew Baldovino. 

At the 2022 ESL One Stockholm Dota Major, the Gaimin Gladiators overcame T1 in the top bracket of the stage playoffs. The team of Melchior Seleri Hillenkamp won the match 2–0. 


Fnatic, on the other side, appeared to be struggling, which is in stark contrast to their previous success in the DPC SEA Tour 2. If we subtract Mind Games' forfeit, they finished last in group B. As a result, despite Fnatic's recent victories, we believe T1 has a higher chance of defeating their regional opponent today. 


T1 will remain in the lower bracket of the major stage playoffs, where they will face Fnatic in the opening match of the tournament this May 18 at 6 PM Philippine Standard Time. 

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