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Professional Boxing: Jermell Charlo vs Brian Castano | 15 May, 9 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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Undisputed super welterweight titles - Charlo - 34-1-1, Castano 17-0-2 

It’s world champion against world champion this Sunday in Los Angeles yet again for the undisputed super welterweight title. Jermell Charlo and Brian Castaño are set to face off following one of 2021’s best matches that ended in a draw. As the 15th inches closer, tensions are higher as both fighters want to turn their draw into a win. 9 AM Philippine Standard Time, live on Showtime network, it’s Charlo versus Castaño. 


The two fighters have both spoken on the upcoming match, with both vowing to knockout the other. It’s going to be interesting how that goes! Three-belt unified champion Charlo has a dedicated game plan this time around: no frills, no fuss, don’t waste time, knock Castaño out, and make a statement. He no longer wishes another 12-round game with the Argentine boxer and rightfully so. The longer a match goes on, the more it’s bound to be in Castaño’s favor as this fighter’s strength is playing smart and applying constant pressure on his opponents. Charlo’s edge is the power in his punches. While both exhibit wit inside and outside the ring, their strategies differ with Charlo relying more on power and Castaño more on mind games and endurance. At present, Charlo holds 34 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss while Castaño has 17 wins, no draws, and 2 losses.  


Undeniably, their first fight was one to remember, and this time around, the expectations won’t be getting any lower. Now, everyone’s itching to know, who has the upper hand? Castaño has very little room for mistakes. To outmaneuver Charlo, he must avoid his jabs and not give him the room he needs to dominate in the ring. It’s going to be more of a match of skill rather than power for the pair. With that, it’s looking more like Charlo is in the lead. With his combination of powerful jabs, fortitude, and experience, he will be able to bear Castaño’s pressure tactics. Apart from that, Castaño has only fully recovered from his bicep tear, so he hasn’t had the same amount of sparring and preparation as Charlo. As badly as Castaño wants to make a bigger name for himself, we’re afraid Charlo won’t let that happen this Sunday. Sorry, Castaño, better luck with another fighter.  


Sunday, May 15, 2022, 9 AM (PST), Dignity Health Sports Park, Los Angeles, CA. 

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