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CSGO PGL Antwerp 2022

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CSGO PGL Antwerp 2022

All you need to necessarily know - PGL Major Antwerp 2022. 


The PGL Major Antwerp 2022 would be the 1st of two main Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournaments in 2022. The tournament, which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium from May 9 to 22, will carry all together greatest CS:GO groups in the world to participate for $1 million and the title of major league winners. 


The Regional Major Ranking activities that determine major credential have already concluded, which means that all of the clubs have already been confirmed. Disappointments and breakthrough runs are already in the works, but spectators can expect to see all of the best CS:GO teams in attendance. 


PGL Major Antwerp will be divided into several stages, which will all be competed on LAN. Only the playoffs, consequently, will be carried in front of live audiences at Antwerp's Sportpaleis. The rest of the tournament will occur in a studio setting. 


Anyone interested in watching PGL Major Antwerp telecasts can do so through English-language streams on Twitch, YouTube, or Steam.  


CS:GO enthusiasts who streamed the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will be familiar with the game's format. PGL Major Antwerp 2022 will be broken into 3 stages: Challengers, Legends, and Champions (playoffs). 


Every one of the participating teams with Challengers and Contenders prestige will compete in the Challengers stage. The sixteen teams will compete in a Swiss format from May 9 to 12, with each team needing three wins in order to move up or three setbacks to be removed. With the exception of elimination or advancement games, which will be best of three, all games will be best of one. Preliminary matches are determined by team seeding. The leading eight teams advance to the Legends stage while the bottom eight are excluded. 


The Legends stage will be the same from May 14 to 17. The eight teams from the Challengers stage will be combined with the eight teams from the Legends stage for the next Swiss category. The surviving eight teams will advance to the Champions stage by the later part of the stage. 


Things work differently in the playoffs. From May 19 to 22, all games will be played as best of three in front of a live audience. Rather than a Swiss bracket, all will be single elimination, with seeding determined by the the last Legends stage rankings. The winning team will receive $500,000 and the title of major champions. 


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