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UFC Fight Night: Rob Font vs Marlon Vera | 1 May, 7 AM (PST)

Mary C

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Winning this could mean one win away from a championship fight. For this main event, this feat is a dealbreaker for these fighters. On Monday, May 1st, Rob Font and Marlon Vera will be gracing the octagon in an attempt to showcase their skills and distinguish themselves from other fighters. Before we get into it, here are their stats: 


R. Font 


M. Vera 


Standing Record 





1.73 m 


1.73 m 

61.2 kg 


61.2 kg 

181.6 cm 


179.1 cm 


Box and strike. Font is known for his box and strike techniques that have collected him 19 wins with eight of those victories ending by knockout. Being a UFC fighter since 2014, he’s established his stature against the likes of Cody Garbrandt, Sergio Pettis, and Ricky Simon.  


On the contrary, the younger opponent Vera has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu style. Unlike Font’s box and strike methods, Vera usually finishes off his fights any way he can, which is an advantage to a certain degree as his techniques cannot be anticipated. Out of his 18 victories, eight of which ended by submission and seven by knockout. Being in the UFC since 2014 like Font, he’s defeated Sean O’Malley, Frankie Edgar, and Davey Grant. 



This bantamweight fight is a true marvel to see; with both fighters being good strikers and decent wrestlers, it’s a tough call for everyone watching. Without a doubt, Font will probably be met with more respect and accommodation from Vegas as this is his third straight main event as opposed to Vera’s first. Ultimately, and dare we say surprisingly, we see Vera winning by decision. As this is his first-ever UFC main event, we can expect he has done his homework extraordinarily well, and it’s where his advantage comes into play. We all know Font goes in for the kill and will aim for a knockout, but Vera doesn’t have a particular play to watch out for even when Font is admittedly the better striker. Beg to disagree? Let’s all watch tomorrow’s match and see for ourselves at the UFC Apex, but we’re still pretty sure Vera will take this home. 


7 AM, Sunday, May 1, 2022. UFC Apex, Las Vegas, NV. 

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