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Playoffs Day

Mary C

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BTS PRO Series: Southeast Asia PLAYOFFS Day!

by: Wilson C


At 5 PM (GMT +8) today, September 22, we have Motivade.Trust Gaming vs. Dream Maker and OB.Neon vs Polaris at (GMT +8)

BTS PRO Series: Southeast Asia Motivade.Trust Gaming vs. Dream Maker 747 LIVE

MTG has come so far and has a lot to prove to the SEA Region. MTG placed 5th in their round robin. They have won 9 out of 18 matches, which is not bad, considering that they are facing the best teams in the Southeast Asia Region. 

On the other hand, Dream Maker was just shy of being eliminated in the round robin. Placing 8th in the standings, Dream Maker was lucky that the Army Geniuses faced Boom Esports in their last match and lost 2-0 to them. Army Geniuses placed 9th, winning 5 out of 13 matches while Dream Maker won 6 out of 12 matches. Did you see the luck of Dream Maker? 

BTS PRO Series: Southeast Asia OB.Neon vs Polaris 747 LIVE

We can all say that we are rooting for this match today! Both teams have faced numerous times when Polaris Esports before was called Team Adroit. They have faced 32 matches together, and they are pretty even in terms of skills. 


But with the addition of Mikoto in OB.Neon, things will get a lot more fun. 


OB.Neon sits at 6th place, winning 7 out of 18 matches while Polaris Esports places 7th, winning 6 out of 18 matches. 


Indeed, both teams are even. It is just a matter of execution of the playstyle. Which team gets the upper hand in terms of resources and spaces for their core to farm? 


But as we all say in the DOTA industry, "Luck is not an excuse." 


Winner proceeds to Lower Bracket Round 2 while losers will be ELIMINATED! Which team will go home first? Time to choose your favorite SEA Team.

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