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UEFA Champions League: Manchester City vs Atletico Madrid | 14 April, 3 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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G | Bravo Ederson 

CB | Otamendi Stones, Mangala Laporte 

L FB | Zinchenko Mendy 

R FB | Walker Cancelo 

C MF | Roori Fernandinho 

L MF | Foden Silva 

R MF | Gundogan De Bruyne 

W | Sane Sterling, Mahrez B. Silva 

CF | Jesus Aguero 



G | Jan Oblak 

CB | Stefan Savic, Felipe 

L FB | Renildo 

R FB | Marcos Llorente 

C MF | Rodrigo De Paul 

L MF | Koke 

R MF | Hector Herrera 

W | Renan Lodi, Joao Felix 

CF | Angel Correa 



Just like a whirlwind, it’s suddenly the quarterfinals in the Champions League. Pining for the semifinals, away team Manchester City is on a mission to outdo Atletico Madrid on the upcoming feat this Wednesday. The second leg of this matchup is scheduled for 3 AM Philippine Standard Time on April 14, 2022. Atletico Madrid’s Estadio Wanda Metropolitano will be anchoring the game. 

Per latest news, Atletico Madrid suffered a devastating loss in La Liga. So much so that they almost dropped out of the top four teams in the league. What makes this worse is 17th placer, Mallorca, who is one point away from relegation, inflicted this loss. You’d think an established team such as Atletico would ace that game easily, but numbers really aren’t everything. Talk about a plot twist!  


Man City, on the other hand, closed their match with Liverpool in a draw. While a draw is certainly and clearly not a win, Man City was able to protect the top spot in the Premier League as they still hold a point higher than Liverpool. That close call probably made them sweat, but on to bigger things, did this close call incite a sense of urgency for the upcoming game against Atletico?  


During their first leg on April 6, the game ended on 1-0 in favor of Man City. Midfielder Kevin De Bruyne essentially secured their win with his goal during the second half of the match. City dominated from the start, but Atletico still isn’t to be undermined. The absence of a second goal means Atletico fought back, and they might fight even harder this Thursday to redeem themselves. No time for Man City to rest on their laurels yet.  


Now, we choose. Manchester City has long proved themselves to be the cream of the crop and Atletico Madrid the formidable stoics, but who has the upper hand? We’re seeing 2-0 in favor of Manchester City. Following Atletico’s loss to Mallorca, there seems to be a massive shift in their momentum. Their winning streak has been broken, and it was broken by one of the most unexpected teams, too. There’s compounding pressure on them now, especially with one of the most intimidating teams in the game. They will surely put up a fight, but we believe they haven’t recovered from their loss yet, and that will fumble with their performance this Thursday. Manchester City it is.  


3 AM (PST), Thursday, 14 April 2022. Estadio Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid.  

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