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Dota Pro Circuit. Western Europe Division 1: Team Liquid vs Nigma Galaxy | 12 April, 9 PM (PST)

Mary C

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Today's Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe Elite Division Tour 2 game is between Team Liquid vs Nigma Galaxy, April 12 at 9 PM. 

Liquid opened the season with two humiliating losses. One of which came against Team Secret, which is currently in the relegation zone. It appeared that iNsania and her teammates might have to forego the major in Stockholm, but the squad was able to turn things around in time. Liquid has managed to win three straight matches and, in the right circumstances, might win the DPC WEU Tour 2. 

Liquid had three matches against Tundra where we saw a range of picks and strategies, so it was interesting. Because it lasted 52 minutes, the opening match between the two was the crown jewel of the series. Both teams concentrated on drafts in the middle of the game, but the game had entered its "late" stage. Despite having a better pick than TT, Liquid outplayed their rivals and won the first game of the series. 

We felt Nigma had finally cracked the code to success after seeing them perform at the Dubai event. However, based on the team's performance, this is not the case. 

Unlike its rival, Nigma was unable to comprehend and remedy its errors. Five games equal five losses, with only one card won throughout the season. The last encounter with Entity appeared dismal, and it will now be impossible to avoid being relegated to The International's ex-finalists. 

The two European teams faced off 21 times, with Nigma coming out on top 13 times to 8 times. Furthermore, the previous three matches, including the DPC in January, have all concluded with NGX achieving victory. The rosters haven't altered since then, but Now Team Liquid appears to have the greatest chance of breaking the losing run. 

Even if you check at the league standings and the clubs' games, it is apparent that NGX are in horrible situation and are unable to implement the stated concepts into effect. Team Liquid has issues as well, but a title contender should not grant such an enemy a single card. With a great coefficient, we anticipate a 2:0 win for Liquid. 

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