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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans vs Los Angeles Lakers | 28 March, 11 AM

Mary C

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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans  vs Los Angeles Lakers | 28 March, 11 AM



PG | CJ McCollum 

SG | Brandon Ingram 

SF | Herbert Jones 

PF | Jaxon Hayes 

C | Jonas Valanciunas 



PG | Carmelo Anthony 

SG | Malik Monk 

SF | LeBron James 

PF | Anthony Davis 

C | Dwight Howard 



Mark your calendars, folks, this 7 AM (PST) March 28th; it’s Los Angeles Lakers against the New Orleans Pelicans at the Smoothie King Center. With 31 wins, 42 losses, and a .425 winning percentage, the two teams are technically tied though the Pelicans are in 9th and the Lakers in 10th. Lakers’ point guard, Russell Westbrook, deems the upcoming match as a ‘must-win’ for the team during this point of the season. Question is, will they be successful in that feat, or will the Pelicans be too crafty for the Lakers? 


Despite being as competitive as the Lakers could be without the presence of their prized LeBron James, the team suffered a close 126-121 loss to the 76ers. Now, they’re quickly looking to erase that defeat as it has heightened the pressure for the following game, AKA the New Orleans Pelicans. To spice things up, James is currently out for knee soreness. There is no guarantee on whether he’ll be of attendance at the upcoming game, but the possibility is very much there if he feels and is deemed healthy. Being their top player, his presence or lack thereof would be an immediate gamechanger. However, since the last time these two teams have played, the Pelicans won by 28 points, and it looks like they’re gearing up to do it again. 


Evidently, it can only go two ways for each team; whoever wins secures 9th and fortifies their lead; the other takes a step back at 10th. Regardless, Los Angeles need to be extra careful; a loss to New Orleans would further put them in danger of dropping off the play-in tournament. The Lakers are only winning two games ahead of the Western Conference’s 11, San Antonio Spurs after they’ve bested the Portland Trailblazers. It’s quite the slippery slope for both teams now considering their equal position on the board.  


Alas, we must take our pick. If Westbrook can keep his play stellar and consistent, with or without James, the Lakers have a strong chance at beating the Pelicans for their oh-so-needed win. Unfortunately, our vote still goes to the Pelicans. They’ve been bringing their A-game recently and are showing noticeable signs of power that seem to prove they can take on the Lakers even if LeBron James is there. The Lakers are having an off-season, and that’s normal, not necessarily okay, but normal nonetheless. We are hoping James has a speedy recovery to make the game interesting, though! 


7 AM (PST), March 28, 2022. Smoothing King Center, New Orleans, LA.  


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