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NBA: Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls | 19 March, 10 AM

Mary C

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 NBA:  Phoenix Suns vs Chicago Bulls | 19 March, 10 AM




PG | Cameron Payne 

SG | Devin Booker 

SF | Mikal Bridges 

PF | Jae Crowder 

C | Deandre Ayton 



PG | Ayo Dosunmu 

SG | Zach LaVine 

SF | Javonte Green 

PF | DeMar DeRozan 

C | Nikola Vucevic 


The reigning champion of the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns, will be hosting the game against the Chicago Bulls this Saturday at the Footprint Center. This match marks the last meeting of both the teams’ two-game season series– the first one was held last February 7, and it ended with the Suns defeating the Bulls 124-127 at the United Center.  


Despite the absence of All-Star point guard, Chris Paul, due to a fractured thumb, the Suns are still able to push through and have the best record in the NBA. If the Suns avoid late season downturn, they will achieve a 60-win mark, a first for the team ever since 2006 to 2007 where Steve Nash brought the group to a 61-win in regular season contests. With a record of 55-14, 29-8 home and 26-6 away, the team has never looked better. So far, the team is looking to have an advantage in their home games for the 2022 postseason. The Suns might have lost six games against the Milwaukee Bucks, but key players Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton will hopefully give the Suns a strong outing in the postseason. 


The Chicago Bulls are 4th in the Eastern Conference with a record of  41-27, 25-10 home and 16-17 away. For a short time, the Chicago Bulls, Brooklyn Nets, and Miami Heat were all yearning for the top spot in the Eastern Conference. The Bulls might have surprised the NBA with their comeback, but their latest slump made it more challenging for them to reach the top seed in the conference. Nonetheless, DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic provide the team with enough offense to maintain their fourth spot for now. 


Even with the absence of All-Star point guard Chris Paul, the Phoenix Suns are still looking just as strong. To add, the team’s schedule for the two following weeks is not that heavy, but their match against the Chicago Bulls will surely bring the heat of the sun as the Bulls will pose a challenge to them. However, with the Suns fully equipped, they can still counter the Bulls’ big three. Furthermore, Phoenix’s line up is prepared for any potential of games from their key players. All in all, the game is most likely to end with yet another victory for the Phoenix Suns.  


10:00 AM (PST), March 19, 2022, Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona.  


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