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Dota Pro Circuit China Elite Division: PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming | March 15, 6 PM

Mary C

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  Dota Pro Circuit China Elite Division: PSG.LGD vs Vici Gaming | March 15, 6PM

PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming will face off in the Dota Pro Circuit China elite division's second matchday on March 15 at 6 PM. 


In the first half of the 2021/22 season, PSG.LGD is the outright DPC champion. In January, the TI10 vice-champions did not concede a single match to their regional rivals, and in February, the regional finals, which Valve organized to substitute the postponed majors, proved their reputation as the best team in the country. The team's DPC points are at an all-time high, which can't help but make them feel happy. 


When it comes to non-DPC cycle competitions, PSG.LGD is shamelessly tinkering with them. Poor performances at the Intel World Open Beijing (3rd place) and OGA Dota PIT Season 6: China (5th-6th place) should not deter xiao8 and Co from being the major favorites for the Spring Tour. 


The PSG.LGD team was undefeated in the first DPC league of 2022. Yes, several maps were missed, but Aster and RNG were the only ones that caused problems. EHOME also retrieved a map from xiao8's defenses; however, it appeared to be a mistake rather than a true reality. This team's structure has held steady. On the server, the same stars are there, as well as behind the scenes and coach xiao8, who was acquitted in the infamous 322 affair. PSG.LGD should have been in the majors regardless of their performance, and only the postponement of the event kept them from doing so. 



The Vici Gaming team's January record was unsatisfactory rather than shocking. The new roster isn't particularly outstanding. The VGs have proved that they cannot compete for the top four spots in the DPC league, but they had sufficient time in February to practice for the spring portion of the season and compete for a spot in the majors. 


Apart from the DPC league, Vici Gaming players competed in the Intel World Open Beijing lanai Chinese event in January, but their efforts were not fruitful, with a final ranking of 5-6 out of a potential 8 - not the best finish for this prominent Chinese outfit. The result at the OGA Dota PIT Season 6: China in February was even worse - 7-8th position. 


Vici Gaming's attendance in TI10 and 5-6th place at the conclusion, two Chinese DPC bronzes and two i-League 2021 silver medals, and their performance at the Kyiv major, where they finished fourth, make it difficult to call 2021 a failure. Nevertheless, they failed to secure any titles in 2021, which must have prompted their managers to modify their lineup. Vici Gaming's new squad was built around poyoyo, the lone survivor from the original squad. To the good old curries, newcomers have been added. 


Xm - a second-string player tried out for EHOME previous season but didn't quite make it. Irving is a member of an intriguing Chinese trio. Last year's LBZS saw this Chinese player perform a key role. He auditioned for the elite alongside them and won the second tier. 


VG trusted in Yds. when he was number four with CDEC, and as a result, the new squad is by far the most high-profile one he has ever performed with. Another CDEC member is Victoria. In his career, he had a lot of aliases but no unique teams. His entrance in VG is both a challenge and an achievement to him. 


Vici Gaming achieved its main goal of not dropping out from the elite during the winter break, but things had to be addressed in the offseason, and that is to create substitutes or immediately enhance the game since the squad is one of the first to compete in the DPC league's spring season in this form. 

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