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NBA: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers | 14 March, 9 AM

Mary C

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 NBA: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers | 14 March, 9 AM




PG | Cameron Payne 

SG | Devin Booker 

SF | Mikal Bridges 

PF | Jae Crowder 

C | Deandre Ayton 



PG | Russell Westbrook 

SG | Malik Monk 

SF | Austin Reeves 

PF | LeBron James 

C | Dwight Howard 


Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona— Phoenix Suns versus Los Angeles Lakers. Monday, March 14, at 10:00 AM, it’s a hero and underdog story in the court. The Phoenix Suns, the Western Conference’s prime contender, currently boasts 53 wins and 14 losses this season. In comparison to the East’s number 1 (Miami Heat) with 45-23, the Suns have the least losses in the entire NBA next to their amazing record. Famous opposing team Los Angeles Lakers are quite giant names in the industry, too. With the likes of LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, they know the ins and outs of the game in their sleep. The Lakers just haven’t been in tip-top shape, and that’s the nice way of putting it. Will this game be a happy ending for the rocky Lakers, or will the Suns knock them back to reality?  


The Lakers will most likely walk into Phoenix a little on edge but happy after they demolished the Washington Wizards in a 122-109 game with the king James scoring 50 of those points. They have to keep their guards up though. The Suns are on top of the food chain right now, and they just might end up being their lunch. In all their matchups from last season’s May 31, 2021, to their most recent head-to-head on December 22, 2021, the Suns have won all games. The Lakers need to prove that they can stand up to their bully and establish their greatness in this upcoming game (talk about pressure!). 


If we peep the team numbers and player statistics, it’s truly neck-and-neck. From points to free throw percentage, the statistical advantages are split between the teams. The Lakers have a strong fighting chance with this one especially after the Suns just lost to the Raptors. Who would’ve ever predicted that the Suns would lose to the Raptors, of all teams? Even Miami wasn’t able to beat them. Props to the Raptors but we digress. It could be the Lakers’ game given the right play make and chemistry.  


All that said, we’re sorry to crush any underdog dreamers out there, but it’s likely for Phoenix to win this Monday. After that loss to the Raptors, there’s no way they wouldn’t try and bury that memory as quickly as possible. Besides that, LeBron James is still breaking his back carrying the Lakers to their victories, and their reliance on him is a big disadvantage. Opposing players could easily overload him and disrupt his strategy. While it can still be anyone’s game, we’re sticking to the Suns, sorry Lakers. 


9 AM Philippine Standard Time, Monday, March 14th, Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ. 

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