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Hi sir/ma'am, im sorry if im in the wrong thread i think since my concern is daily anniversarry raffle winnings. I won the raffle for 20,000 php last march 7, 2022. I did not receive any email that i won, no text message, no account message, no call or anything. Luckily i checked the raffle draw results on march 8 and saw my username and social code that I won and the post of the winners on march 7, 2022. Already emailed info@747.live and an admin "i think"  confirmed my concern and told me to wait. Already talked to cust support on the website as well and the same answer. Talked to multiple agents on official fb page, 747 pages, fb messenger  and etc, the same answer "wait". I understand it needs to be verified/checked, i provided all the necessary proofs/details needed and answered all questions. Im patiently waiting but its just that, its been almost 12 hrs to verify my concern/account with all details and questions as well as proofs provided. I'm sure this ain't my fault since I receive updates from 747 raffle entries and other messages on my email. Please help me.

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