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CSGO ESL Pro League Season 15 Group Stage

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The ESL Pro League's newest season has grown to include 34 teams from around the world, as well as a new and thrilling stage of the event. The EPL S15 season will be the first to showcase the competition's new conference stage. 16 teams from throughout the ESL Pro Tour Challenger tournaments will compete for the three remaining sought seats in the EPL S15 Group Stage, which will host 21 teams. 


The ESL is gearing up for its upcoming competition, the annual Pro League, which will include some of the world's finest teams. 


The ESL Pro League 15 was originally scheduled to take place in Malta, but the organizers have now opted to relocate the competition to a Cologne studio. 

With the Major cycle in full swing, there are not too many roster changes amongst best teams in recent weeks, which means that most of the lineups from Katowice haven't altered.  

MOUZ and FaZe are two outliers as the competition's health and safety standards required them to play stand-ins in Poland. However, teams like NIP, Fnatic, and BIG are still up in the air, with small alterations possible before of the tournament. 


CSGO ESL Pro League Season 15 Groups

The 24 teams competing have been divided into four sets of six teams, who will compete in a best-of-three format. The group victors proceed to the quarterfinals while the runners-up and third-placed teams proceed to the first round of the playoffs. 

Excluding the finals series, which will be a best-of-five showdown, all matches in the single-elimination tournament will be played in a best-of-three format. 

14 of the 24 teams in this season's ESL Pro League were selected as part of the Louve Agreement, which was just prolonged until 2025.

Four other teams qualified for the tournament based on their position in the ESL world rankings while the other six qualified through ESEA Premier and the EPL Conference.

After ESL declared on March 2 that Russian-based teams will not be allowed to participate in the competition in retaliation to Russia's attack of Ukraine, there are concerns about both Virtus.pro and Gambit's appearance.

These two groups should compete under a neutral name and therefore will not be allowed to represent their country, organization, or sponsors in order to participate in the tournament. Neither Virtus.pro nor Gambit have yet responded to the judgment.


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