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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets | 8 March, 10 AM

Mary C

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 NBA: Golden State Warriors vs Denver Nuggets | 8 March, 10 AM




PG | Stephen Curry 

SG | Gary Payton II 

SF | Klay Thompson 

PF | Andrew Wiggins 

C | Kevon Looney 



PG | Monte Morris 

SG | Will Barton 

SF | Aaron Gordon 

PF | Jeff Green 

C | Nikola Jokic 


Ball Arena, Denver, Colorado— Golden State Warriors versus Denver Nuggets. Catch it this Tuesday, March 8, at 10:00 AM.  


It’s been a hot minute since February 17th, but here we are again with the Golden State against snowy Denver. From their last meeting, Denver won by a hair with their 117-116 game against Golden State, and we can’t imagine how frustrating that must have been for the Warriors. Sliding further down the chart, the Warriors are down to third after dominating the Western Conference after some time. Things aren’t looking up for Golden State especially as five (5) players are currently out due to injuries; two of which are Golden State’s star players, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Forward Andre Iguodala, shooting guard Gary Payton II, and small forward Andrew Wiggins complete the list. This is immense bad news for GSW as everyone knows Curry is the glue that holds the team together. Conversely, Denver has their star player, Nikola Jokic, out too, but the difference is he’s on day-to-day and is likely to return to the court before the game. Point forward Zeke Nnaji and shooting guard Austin Rivers are also under the team’s recent injury report.  


While the Warriors are technically faring better out of the two teams in terms of numbers, the Nuggets aren’t doing all that bad either. Being the West’s 6th, they have a 37-26 record with 18-11 home and 19-15 away. They’ve won four out of their last 5 games and are showing some serious fire during this part of the season. As they play the home team again for this upcoming match, odds are considerably in their favor.  


Ultimately, it looks like the Denver Nuggets will be making the mighty Golden State Warriors bow down for the 4th time this season. With Curry and Thompson likely out for this game, their play would be down half in power; that’s beside the fact that they’ve very recently lost to the Timberwolves (7th), Lakers (9th), and even Trailblazers (11th). The Warriors have totally gone off their rhythm, and it’s a devastating sight to see. This one goes to Denver. 


10 AM PST, Tuesday, March 8th, Ball Arena, Denver Colorado. 

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