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OB.Neon Vs Dream Maker

Mary C

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BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia - OB.Neon Vs Dream Maker

OB.Neon Vs Dream Maker 

OB.Neon has been through a team rebuilding and what makes the match even more exciting to see is the disruptive roster shuffle by OB.Neon. They will be playing with four new players, which can cause a drastic shift in the teams’ usual drafts, strategies and even the team chemistry. 

Thus, resulting in their poor performance in the recent matches 


OB.Neon currently is at the 9th place standing, and their team has the highest chance to get eliminated if they will still continue to perform poorly. 


On the other hand, Dream Maker, a team that is not familiar in the Southeast Asia scene yet, lost horribly yesterday against Team SMG. They could not get back up their feet and hold their ground when the opposing team SMG.MidOne came knocking through their doors! 


Dream Maker has still a lot to prove. They need to play as a team and be synchronized in clashes. Because after all it is not all about farming, it is also about controlling the map. Whoever controls more of the map wins, because they will have a lot of resources and spaces to farm. 

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