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Execration Vs Army Geniuses 

Mary C

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BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia - Execration vs Army Geniuses

Execration Vs Army Geniuses 


This match is a must-watch on your list of games for today. Execration is one of the most consistent Filipino squad in the SEA region and have proved their worth in countless of games. Execration is only missing a hard carry player and they have found a new player "Tino" to fill in the missing carry role in their team. However, we would still point the spotlight at Ryan “Raging Potato” Jay Qui in particular.  


The opponents must pay attention to keeping him out of his comfort zone as an offlaner. Because if he gets a good offlane, rest assured that the game is very much over at only midgame. Raging Potato never hesitates to push his advantages and snowballs out of control. With a new line-up and hopes, perhaps the new Execration line-up can finally bring the team into the international spotlight at the BTS Pro Series Season 8 SEA. 


As for their opponents in this match, the Army Geniuses proved they are also not to be messed with. They also boast a capable team of Indonesian prodigies. The team is now in their 2nd year in the eSports scene and has earned respect from many rivals. 


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