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Galaxy Racer vs YG (Yangon Galacticos)

Mary C

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Galaxy Racer vs YG (Yangon Galacticos)

Galaxy Racer vs YG (Yangon Galacticos) 


Galaxy Racer was the champion last Beyond the Summit season 7. They proved to be the biggest surprise of the tournament even from the group stage matches. GXR placed second in the round-robin group by landing three clean 2-0 victories, including over T1, and once they reached the playoffs, they secured a grand finals appearance after they took T1 down again and slayed Fnatic. Galaxy Racer's perfect team fight coordination ensured them the comeback scenario from a 13K gold deficit and a lane of barracks down, and they pulled the 3-2 reverse sweep to claim the BTS Pro Series Season 7: Southeast Asia grand finals. 

But right now, coming in the round-robin of BTS season 8 and having won 1 game out of 4, we can all say that Galaxy Racer had a rough start adjusting with the new meta. GXR currently sits at the last place of the round-robin standing. But GXR fans should not fret, as they still have 7 series left to play. We just have to give them support and hope they can do a comeback! 

Team YG is the only full Myanmar-built team that has played in the Asia professional leagues. YG currently sits at #5 in the standing. Can they be 1st time SEA BTS Champions and make their fans and country proud of them? Can YG keep up their incredible performance in the Dota2 scene? 



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