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MTG pushed straight to the throne

Mary C

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In the first 20 minutes of game 1, OB.Neon had a 3-4k gold lead. They owned all the lane of MTG. But the team never gave up on their carry. They created just enough space for Medusa to get her farm. Having completed the Manta Style and EOS in 22 minutes of the game is very impressive already since OB.Neon was choking the Medusa out of her jungle. But MTG kept sticking to Medusa, giving all the support that she needs, and they just kept rolling. OB.Neon cannot stop the Medusa anymore; she was just too tanky to be dealt with. The game progresses slowly by slowly in MTG's favor until the last clash when 3 of the OB.Neon's core died in the dire jungle. GG was called. MTG persevered in game 1 even though they had a rough start. 

Game 2 started off pretty well even up to 30-minute mark of the game. Both of their core heroes farmed evenly, both sides playing safe and waiting for the item timings of their core. There was just a miscommunication in OB.Neon's side when their core Antimage blinked in single handedly trying to kill MTG's Lion, and he did not succeed. Antimage destroyed their defense because he was the only hitter in his team. He had no buyback, and MTG pushed straight to the throne, taking away the series from them 2-0. Knowing his hero's limit and capacity to do building damage, MTG JaCkky made it seem so easy as he played his hero in great confidence.

Winning moment of MTG

Winning moment of MTG

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