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Ligue 1: PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs STADE RENNAIS | 12 February, 4:00 AM 

Mary C

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Ligue 1:  PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN vs STADE RENNAIS | 12 February, 4:00 AM 



GK | Keylor Navas  

DL | Nuno Mendes  

DC | P. Kimpembe  

DC | Marquinhos  

DR | A. Hakimi  

MC | M. Verratti  

MC | I. Gueye   

MC | Danilo  

FWL | K. Mbappe  

FWR | A. Di Maria   

FW | Lionel Messi 



GK | Alfred Gomis  

DL | A. Truffert 

DC | Warmed Omari 

DC | Nayef Aguerd  

DR | H. Traore 

ML | K. Sulemana 

MC | Jonas Martin 

MC | B. Santamaria 

MR | B. Bourigeaud 

FW | M. Terrier  

FW | G. Laborde 





Mark your calendars, February 12, 2022, 4 AM PST is the time to be awake for the real-time Paris Saint-Germain versus Stade Rennais match at the Parc de Princes. It’s the 9-time Ligue 1 winner and current no.1, Paris Saint-Germain against the acceptably competent no.5, Stade Rennais. It’s quite easy to see where this match leads but who doesn’t like a little bit of analysis?  


Presently speaking, in terms of defense, Paris Saint-Germain offers a better record. They have a total of 1162 interceptions and 50 blocks across the entire team. Marcos Aoas “Marquinhos” Correa and Presnel Kimpembe are the two best defensive players of Paris Saint-Germain. Stade Rennais on the other hand, have Alfred Gomis and Dogan Alemdar, which are also two very efficient players. When put side-by-side with PSG though, the numbers and statistics of PSG are hard to beat. PSG takes this one.  


If we’re talking about midfield, evaluating the strength of any team’s midfield is complex. Pass Progression Value (PPV) is a value that measures the ability of players to play the pass into dangerous zones and to create chances in 1v1 matches. Paris Saint-Germain has a PPV value of 0.19 and Stade Rennais has a value of 0.19, so it’s safe to say the teams are equals on that front if we base on numbers alone. Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi has a total PPV of 0.82 and in the Stade Rennais, their best bet for the midfield is Hamari Traore. 


The last things to look at are the average for the top scorers and assists, and interestingly enough, Rennais widely outperform Saint-Germain in these and show a good fighting chance! For the scorers of Saint-Germain, it’s Kylian Mbappé, Mauro Icardi, and Danilo Pereira with a combined 31pt average. For Rennais, it’s Martin Terrier, Gaëtan Laborde, and Kamal Deen Sulemana with a combined 41pt average. Rennais is up by 10. For assists, it’s Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbaeppé again with Lionel Messi, and Achraf Hakimi, with a combined 39pt average in assists. For Rennais, it’s Lovro Majer, Benjamin Bourigeaud, and Gaëtan Laborde, with a whopping combined total of 62pts. This makes the upcoming game at least three times more interesting for fans and analysts alike.  


To conclude, we still think Paris Saint-Germain will reign victorious but underdog Stade Rennais will definitely put up a fight. We’re quietly rooting for Rennais to win though, but as for now, PSG’s 17W-5D-1L records is the one we’re choosing to believe in.  


Saturday, February 12, 2022, 4 AM PST, Parc de Princes.  

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