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CSGO: BLAST Premier BIG vs Evil Geniuses| February 4, 2022 - 1:30AM

Mary C

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CSGO: BLAST Premier BIG vs Evil Geniuses| February 4, 2022 - 1:30AM

BIG Current Roster 

tabseN (IGL) 






EG Current Roster 



Stewie2K (IGL) 




BIG vs Evil Geniuses today, January 4 at 1:30AM in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.

BIG has a better overall record and has played more competitive matches than the North American team. However, the season has only just begun, and form may change in an instant. Because consistency is an uncertain issue at times, particularly this early in the game, we're faced with two sides who will go at it from the start. 


While EG and Liquid played a close match, they appeared savage against Vitality. It's difficult to choose them as the favorite going into this match after witnessing their lack of cohesion. Despite the fact that their match against Liquid was tight, it was clear that they needed more time to develop their gameplay. 


In the group stage, BIG fell to NIP twice and to Complexity. Despite the fact that they may soon have the firepower they require with to the addition of faveN, they appear to be disconnected. With EG having the slightest advantage, this series should go all three games. 


While those who have advanced to the championships are most likely to progress, a number of the major names here could have a great performance through the remainder of the group. So far, the tournament's main theme has been newer teams appearing fragmented. It's difficult to make strong forecasts when newer clubs meet each other, which is to be expected. This Play-In round will reveal which teams have adapted and done what it takes to win. 


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