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CSGO: BLAST Premier COL vs MIBR | February 3, 2022 - 10PM

Mary C

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CSGO: BLAST Premier COL vs MIBR | February 3, 2022 - 10PM

Complexity Current Roster

MIBR Current Roster

Complexity will be facing MIBR in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups tonight, February 3 at 10PM. 

Throughout their matchup against Na'Vi, MIBR looked decent, and they were the stronger team on the server. They were dealt with fairly lightly while going up versus OG and Astralis after that initial unexpected victory, losing both games 9-16. They have numerous flaws in their strategy.

MIBR is doing considerably better statistically, albeit we must note that they were up against much inferior opponents. Another point worth mentioning is that Complexity's most recent victory came against MIBR of all teams.
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Complexity is currently on a terrible losing record. They've lost 7 games in a row in all competitions. The majority of them, to be honest, were against top 10 teams like G2 and Gambit. Even though the new lineup lost "just" four matches during this awful run, losing seven straight games takes a huge toll.

While Complexity had a lot of issues on the server, they seemed quite solid in their match against G2. They may have merely been ironing out any glitches in their first matches because they have such a youthful team.

Expect a close race to the finish, with Complexity emerging victorious.

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