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G 2 Esports VS NA Sentinels

747 Live

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The EU G2 Esports VS NA Sentinels Rivalry We’ve All Been Waiting For

Match: 16th SEP 12:00 AM GMT+8

ShahZam! And Mix(ed)Well with their own team’s chemistry! The Esports industry is heating up
again, this time around the new, uprising FPS game Valorant and its impending matches! Avid supporters
are in for an agonizing fortnight until the 13th night of September when their most beloved and known
professional team Sentinels take on the top five Spanish professional team G2 Esports in a match that
has been given the title of one of the most exciting matches of the bracket! Sentinels continue to be a
major threat for any team they encounter this season, but who knows G2 Esports might turn the tables.

Let’s introduce the star players of each side! Beginning with G2 Esports MVP and Team Captain-
Mixwell has an equaled skill set with Jett on the Operator. Mixwell not only possess exceptional skills with

the Operator but Sentinels’ well-known TenZ! G2 Esports against Sentinels promises to be a terrific show
with excellent team players in both teams. But who’s to say who’ll be the victor? Let the numbers speak
for themselves!
Sentinels are the definitive favorites to win this game. Leading bookmakers consider G2 Esports
to be the underdogs of the match with an average odds of 3.73 while team Sentinels, the favorites with
average odds of 1.25 at the moment.
G2 Esports had a shaky path into securing a slot here at Masters Berlin. They started with a loss
to FunPlus Phoenix but dominated the lower bracket of Stage 3: Challengers 1 Europe and ultimately
losing 3-1 to Acend in the Finals. G2 Esports was given another chance at EMEA Challengers Playoffs
where they swiftly won against Oxygen Esports 2-0, got dismantled by SuperMassive Blaze 0-2, and
reverse-swept Giants Gaming 2-1 into securing a slot here at Masters Berlin. G2’s path to Masters Berlin
was not easy, but they did it. Star player Keloqz, also known as the French Jett is very excited and
believes that they can easily wreck everyone. On the other hand, team Sentinels dominated VCT Stage 3
Challengers North America and swiftly secured a slot here at Masters Berlin. They were also undefeated
in Valorant’s previous major tournament, VCT Stage 2 Masters.
It should be a no-brainer that Team Sentinels is easily the Match Winner. But if G2 Esports can
somehow pick and play on Ascent. A map where they won 83% of the time. They could easily steal a map
from Sentinels and win Maps Handicap (+1.5) but this is very unlikely as Sentinels usually ban and avoid

The public's curiosity is still high as both teams are exceptional in their own strategies and
techniques, and the outcome of the match is still unknown as it is still to be seen who would maximize
their own team's work best to win. Hundreds of thousands of people barely guessing, how about placing a
bet on your guesses? If you agree with us and you want to bet on Sentinels Stomping G2 Sports, we
recommend you to bet at 747.Live, where you have the best chances of a victory at 1.23. On the other
hand, if you think that G2 Esports is going to win, 747.Live also provides the best odds on their victory at

Play here: Esports - G 2 Esports VS Sentinels - 747 Live

Written by @Barney Cruz team #livelive

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