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747 Daily Raffle - Legit? How to win?

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I'm a long time player and I almost bet everyday but only now trying to signup on the daily raffle. We can't signup anymore? because it keeps saying "username does not exist" on the registration form. Or players who wants to signup should be verified? Feels bad man

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1 hour ago, Santikas123 said:

How to claim your win




Every day we make a draw, and we pick eleven winners. So, if you didn’t win yet, you can win any future draw in the next days.


The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win.


When you play, the system automatically generates entries for you.


You can also get entries when you post  messages on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or Trustpilot adding your social code.

Once you posted your message, you have to ask your friends to share it or like it and then submit it here (https://forms.gle/oAPEVpQR4dXPDRza9).

Your social code was sent to you when you signed up at the raffle.


Additionally, you can get entries for placing as little as one bet every day at any game on 747.


The draw happens every day at 8pm Philippines time and you can see the winners at www.747raffle.com


In case or winning, the prizes are credited directly into your 747 account within a couple of hours from the draw.


We wish you the best of luck 🍀



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