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CSGO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups MiBR vs Natus Vincere | January 29, 10PM

Mary C

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CSGO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups MiBR vs Natus Vincere | January 29, 10PM


NAVI and MIBR will compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Groups in 2022. 


The Tier-1 tournament is officially going to begin. All CS:GO fans may watch the thrilling events of the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 on January 28. The world's greatest teams will compete for $177,500 and a spot in the following round. Natus Vincere is the sole representative of the CIS region this season. Refreshed rosters, exciting performances, and a multitude of sentiments. 


Natus Vincere and MiBR will play their first match in the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2022 on January 29 at 10PM. What challenges will the Brazilians confront as the world's greatest team? We'll find out very shortly. 


Natus Vincere enjoyed its best year in the organization 's tenure. All that the team could win, they did. In terms of personal talent, their player is now the greatest in the league. Overall, the team had the best outcomes. After that, the team took a five-week break and may have dropped some momentum, but the squad was drawn against a poor opponent in the first round of the BLAST Premier: Spring Groups, which NaVi must defeat in any case. The game will be played in a best-of-one format, therefore let's start with the maps that neither team will play. Vertigo will be eliminated by NaVi, and Mirage will be eliminated by the Brazilians. 


Overpass and Ancient are also expected to be removed by NaVi. In fact, Inferno may be deleted in place of Overpass, since the Brazilians like it, but if NaVi does not give heed to the rival, these maps will be withdrawn. Which is ideal for Born to Win. 


MiBR is the tournament's weakest competitor. Yes, Team Liquid has a lower score as a result of the restructuring, and EG has no score, but no one can deny that the main challengers for last spot are Brazilians. Nevertheless, based on the individual ratings of Brazilian players, it may appear like a team of superstars has arrived at the competition and is set to annihilate everyone. The team's lowest individual rating is 1.14. All of the other guys are trading at 1.20 or higher. In this way, Natus Vincere is second only to the Brazilians. In all fairness, these standings are all stacked in their region versus teams that aren't in the top 50 global rankings, making them far less significant. 


MiBR doesn't mind playing Ancient or Inferno as far as maps go. It'll all be determined by what Natus Vincere bans. In either case, finding an advantage for the underdog in a competition like this is quite difficult. Born to Win will be favorites on any map. They should be able to win on any map. 


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