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Hi. I was interviewed by an interviewer 6 days ago because of KYC in my 747 agent account. However, the kyc is still pending. I and the interviewer dont understand each other’s side. They disapproved my kyc. I already submitted all the necessary documents. And they said that i do have a dual account which is a very restricted rules of them. What will i do?? I worked so hard to earn my on hold commisions. And i still have pending bets on my players. My team aren’t that approachable. I told thebm immediately that, my old agent account was already blocked by my head since last year due to inactivity, and i also forgot my account and password. Yet they still disapproved my STATUS. I really hate the fact that, they immediately disapproved me. I pour all the hardwork just to earn those pending commisions of mine. Please help me. 

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