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CSGO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups NiP vs BIG | January 28, 11PM

Mary C

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CSGO: BLAST Premier Spring Groups NiP vs BIG | January 28, 11PM

Two teams of identical strength will face in the second game of BLAST Premier Group A, Big and Ninjas in Pyjamas. This match is set to begin tonight, January 28, at 11 p.m. 


BIG, on the other hand, has already competed in one tournament in 2022, while NIP is only now beginning its new season, despite the absence of its key player. 


BIG hasn't had a nice year since the start of 2021. They were always on the verge of winning, but they required a leader who could rally the troops. The loss of Xantares severely damaged the team. 


BIG tried out NaToSaphix and Gade in the lineup, but neither of them proved their potential. Faven practiced with the team throughout the winter break. It's worth noting that the newcomer is a German. Previously, BIG had a lot of issues with the language barrier, which made the game a lot more difficult. The entire workforce is now able to converse in German. 


BIG competed at Funspark Ulti in 2022, but were defeated by Entropiq in the loser's final. 


NiP seems to be at the bottom of a tier 1 team since 2021, but was never successful in establishing itself as a consistent team. 


Constant substitutions of players from the youth squad, along with the team's naivety, ensured that NiP was only recognized for conquering the RMR tournament in the European zone. 


The entire team's tactics revolved around device and hampus. If they screw up, the blame for the murders falls on Plopski, who has a hard time dealing with it. 


Constant changes in his mood and troubles in his private life have had a significant impact on device. The player was unable to compete in the final event of 2021, the BLAST World Finals, where a prize pool of $1,000,000 was on offer. In most cases, participants strive their hardest to partake in such large tournaments. Device, as it turned out, did not have enough time off over the holidays to tackle all of the troubles, and it will miss BLAST Groups. 


NiP is in a terrible situation because they had to train for the upcoming season without their finest player. The team is haunted by the failure of the previous competition (two defeats and relegation) and has little hope for a better outcome. 


BIG has finally begun to resemble a fighting squad, as evidenced by their performance at Funspark ULTI, and the BO1 series will provide a tremendous opportunity to defeat a top ten team. 


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