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DPC China Division 1 - Team Aster vs Royal Never Give Up | Jan 23, 4PM

Mary C

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DPC China Division 1 - Team Aster vs Royal Never Give Up | Jan 23, 4PM


Team Aster roster:






RNG roster:



In today's match, Team Aster will go against RNG at the Dota Pro Circuit China Division 1 at 4PM!  


After a massive roster shuffle, Team Aster is the talk of the town. Zhang "LaNm" Zhicheng, for example, has transitioned from captain to a more relaxed coach role.  This isn't surprising given that LaNm is one of the most experienced Dota players around, but he's also known for his drafting tips. 


Another change is the midlaner for Team Aster, who is now Zeng "Ori" Jiaoyang, formerly Liu "WhiteAlbum " Yuhao.  


WhiteAlbum's potential as a young prodigy was considered as a long-term investment to Aster's already formidable roster, so this came as a surprise to fans. But then we all know that Ori is the better choice. 


Meanwhile, in RNG, we see familiar faces as 3 players are ex-LGD. 


Team Aster is top 2 in the China DPC Div I, and arguably the current 2nd best team in china, next to LGD. 


While RNG stands at top 3 in the DPC Div I, their performance is not what we have expected. Winning 9 matches out of 15, they could have done better. But let's face it, every recently shuffled team will struggle and it's up to them on how quick they can adjust. 


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