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DPC Western Europe Division 1 - OG vs Tundra | Jan 19, 10PM

Mary C

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DPC Western Europe Division 1 - OG vs Tundra | Jan 19, 10PM

A whole week, new set of Dota2 matches to look forward to.

The first round of the DPC, which began in late November, is slowly but surely drawing to a close. The Western European DPC's second-to-last week was a battleground in which some teams had to sacrifice all they had to win. As usual, some of the top athletes in the world gathered together to decide who will participate in Division I next year and who will have to move on to Division II.

OG faced Alliance in the fifth week of the tournament. For OG, the first game was really fascinating when they chose heroes like QoP, Razor, and TIde. OG's Tide was never going to be as deadly, but he caused a lot of damage and was almost hard to kill at one point in the game. The Phantom Assassin of Nikolay "Nikobaby" Nikolov had an intriguing item build that aimed to fight QoP and Razor, but his damage was insufficient.

After losing the first game, Alliance attempted to fight for their survival by selecting a unique draft. In only 22 minutes, OG was able to absolutely destroy them, thanks to their luck. 

In the fifth week, Tundra fought against Team Tickles. Team Tickles won the first game, which lasted 35 minutes. Despite a slow start, the intriguing draft with Razor and Puck was able to rebound. Team Tickles was able to defeat Tundra and gain an advantage after a series of intense battles.

For Marcus "Ace" Hoelgaard and the rest of his team, the second match was indeed smoother. Tundra lost against Team Tickles after 31 minutes of Dota 2 action, proving why TT are one of the finest in the game.

In today's Dota Pro Circuit Western Europe Division 1, OG will be playing against Tundra at 10PM, Jan. 19. 

Who do you think will in this match? Show that never-ending support by placing your bets only at 747 Live.

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