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747 Live Embraces the Future with PHPT

747 Live

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🇵🇭 Nandito ang tagalog version

💸 747's Favorite Crypto is PHPT 💸


At 747 Live, we're always looking for ways to enhance your gaming experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce PHPT as our preferred cryptocurrency for both players and agents.


PHPT stands out with its stability and reliability. It's a stable cryptocurrency, maintaining a 1:1 value with the Philippine Peso, making transactions straightforward and predictable.

Benefits of Using PHPT

  • Quick Transactions: Avoid the delays of traditional banking.
  • Stable Value: 1 PHPT equals 1 PHP, ensuring consistency.
  • Ease of Use: Ideal for both experienced crypto users and beginners.

How will 747 use PHPT?

At 747 I will start using phpt for cash prizes on the raffle and for agents as a fast way to deposit and withdraw. Of course all other methods will be still available, but phpt will be preferred for deposits and withdrawals. If you are an agent, please start accepting phpt from your downlines and players.

If you are a player and think to deposit again later, please accept phpt to receive your winnings, this will make things faster and easier. You will be able to spend your phpt on 747, regular shops in PH, convert it to usdt or to cash.

Getting Started with PHPT

For those familiar with cryptocurrencies, visit phpt.com for detailed information.

New to crypto? PayGram is here to help, offering a simple platform that requires no registration – all you need is a Telegram account. It will be super easy to transact with your players and agents.

Cross-Border Advantages

PHPT is particularly beneficial for our international players. It facilitates cross-border transactions, allowing Filipinos abroad to send funds home with minimal fees.

Storing PHPT

PHPT can be stored in popular wallets like MetaMask and TrustWallet. For trading, use CoinTR Pro, a reputable exchange platform.


Every day more stores, online and physical, are accepting PHPT. For a list of PHPT partners, please refer to the website phpt.com.

This means that as a player you will be able to go to one of the cash-points and get your phpt to physical cash or use cash to buy phpt. Not only, you will be able to buy many items, even a car!

When you play in 747 you get your phpt out of 747 and when you feel to play again, you can deposit back in an instant. PHPT and PayGram are available for direct deposit on 747, or through your agent as replacement of traditional payment methods.

CoinTR Pro

CoinTR Pro is the favorite PHPT's exchange, ranking 24th for spot trading in the world and 15th for futures trading. You can deposit your phpt and trade for all other cryptos such as USDT.

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