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DPC China Division 1 - LBZS vs Royal Never Give Up | Jan 9, 4PM

Mary C

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RNG defeated IG, China's top team in the first ever DPC League 2021, the Singapore Major winners, and the TI10 Top 4.  The resurrected team demonstrates their willingness to compete for a slot in the championships, and numerous big-name players should be able to cope with LBZS effortlessly, as evidenced by the statistics. 


Renewed RNG has begun the new 2022 DPC season in the elite division, thanks to the Elephant team's unfortunate abolishment. In total, the team miserably failed in 2021, necessitating a major restructure and an introduction of fresh faces. Their opportunity to compete in the elite is a big mystery. 


Added to the lineup were Chinese carry God King and Malaysian four FelixCiaoBa from the disbanded Elephant, Chinese mid SomnusM from EHOME, Chinese three Chalice from EHOME, and a Malaysian five xNova within the same EHOME team. 


In December 2020, the old team managed to win the Huya Winter Invitational, while the new team advanced to the finals, but they were unable to stop Neon from going on a killing spree. Perhaps the men simply did not want to quit. Though one thing is for sure: RNG will compete for the majors, not for continued existence, yet again, that's only solely on the perception of the single preseason Chinese event for the meantime. It will be settled in the opening matches of the DPC. 


The LBZS is a Chinese tier-3 squad that was founded in late 2020. In the Chinese DPC league, they played last season in the elite, but unable to qualify for the playoffs and had been sent to the second division, in which they were able to attain a re-entry into the second DPC of the 2021 season next to the region's best teams. 


This team has competed in a number of events and has done well, but the roster constantly changes. Even before start of the current DPC cycle, it changed once more, with Kagome, Pyue, Molasses, and detachment all joining at the same time. Only CatYou, a fourth-place supporter who has been with the group for more than one year, or perhaps since its inception, is still playing for the team. 


On Sunday, January 9 at 4PM Philippine time, the first DPC league of the 2021/22 season in China will resume. In the first division's second game of the day, Royal Never Give Up and LBZS will face off. 



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