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No one is left alone in 747. Even though we are not related by blood, we work together like a real family.

 Unexpected blessing

 "I never expected this kind of blessing from my 747 family!" Master Agent Ana David is filled with gratitude to 747 as it helped her agent, Peter

Peter has been in critical condition for a long time. There was a blood clot in his left  brain. Yet, instead of worrying about his health condition, Peter is even more troubled by thinking where he will find the money for his hospital bills.

 Ana said, "He kept on asking how could he pay the hospital bill, how could he pay his monthly motorcycle payment, how was the milk and diapers of his son."

 Family support

 That's why Ana approached 747 — hoping to receive any kind of support. She was extremely thankful that 747 did not hesitate to cover Peter’s hospital expenses. She also appreciates the kind gesture of 747 of constantly asking how Peter is doing — like what a real family member would do.

 As of now, the blood clot in Peter's left brain has been successfully removed. His mind is also at peace. What he is solely focusing on now is getting fully recovered after undergoing such difficult surgery. 

 More than entertainment

 The help done by 747 is more than an assistance. It is also a form of saying thank you for the support and loyalty of agents and players like Ana and Peter. This circumstance is a testament that 747 Live is not just a website for entertainment. It's a community. It's a big family whose back won’t turn back on you.




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