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DPC China Division 1 - Team Aster vs Vici Gaming | Jan 7, 4PM

Mary C

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DPC China Division 1 - Team Aster vs Vici Gaming | Jan 7, 4PM

The squads of Team Aster and Vici Gaming will battle on January 7th at 4PM during the main event of the DPC China Winter: Division 1 Dota 2 competition. 


Team Aster is one of China's newest teams, having been created in late 2018 and immediately ranked first in their region. The boys had a rough run last season. They are pretty interesting if you look at their performances in the Chinese region: vice-champions of first DPC league, winners of the second DPC league, and winners of two i-League seasons in 2021. Not even PSG.LGD can proclaim such success in China, but Aster did a terrible job on the international stage, finishing only 9-12 in the two majors in Singapore and Kyiv, and 13-16 at TI10. You can make reasons; they did not perform in the whole squad in Singapore, and the entire team was infected with coronavirus at TI10, but the truth is that they did not play in the full squad. 


The organization's leaders knew things needed to be addressed, so they made two substitutes in the team. Siamese.C, who played the previous season in the Aster.Aries youth team, will compete as two, while Ori from Vici Gaming will compete as five. Regardless of the fact that the fifth is not the most important position, it's a shame that the young kid was so brilliant in the previous season.  


Team Aster must once more make it to the top of their region, and provided the ping isn't an unsolvable challenge for the lads, this match is a fantastic chance to prove their value to all. 


VG has a good chance of beating their main competitor for a slot in the majors due to lack of most rivals and their ping game. Vici Gaming's favorite aggressive game style, which they demonstrated during the Huya Winter Invitational, has the potential to earn them a victory. Knowing that the troubled Aster nearly shocked PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming should have something to astonish their enemy, therefore a simple stroll for VG shouldn't be assumed. Playing rapidly against enemy's ping, on the other hand, is a must-do. 


Vici Gaming's past season was unlikely to label a failure: attendance in the TI10 and a 5th or 6th place finish, two bronze medals in Chinese DPC leagues and 2 silver medals in the i-League 2021, and VG's performance at the Kyiv major, in which the team finished fourth. Their managers appear to have been persuaded to replace their line-up after they failed to secure any trophies in 2021. Vici Gaming's new roster was formed around poyoyo, the sole member of the former squad who is still surviving. 


Newcomers have been added: 


Xm is a 2nd position carry who tried out for EHOME in the previous season but didn't quite make it. 


Irving is a fascinating member. Last year's LBZS included this Chinese player as a key cog. He went out for the elite and was selected to play in the 2nd division. 

Yds.  VG believes in him as a player with CDEC, the new squad is by far the most high-profile one he has ever participated with. 

VG believes in him as a player with CDEC, the new squad is by far the most high-profile one he has ever participated with. 

Another CDEC member is Victoria. In his career, he used to have a lot of identities, but no interesting groups. His entrance at VG is both a challenge and a testament to his credentials. 

It's difficult to anticipate how this team will perform. The winter championship will serve more as a foreshadowing and preparation event. These men aren't in China's lead, but they shouldn't be out either. 

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