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Commission Update 31st Aug 21

747 Live

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Dear colleagues,

GREAT NEWS!!! All the commissions were recalculated and now they are correct for each and everyone.

As you may know, in August there was a software bug on the global casino networks that affected many casinos, and unfortunately 747 was one of those.

The delay was NOT caused by 747, but by the software provider. The 747 staff and the Admin strongly represented you in every meeting. 747 is on your side and we fully understand your frustration for this delay and for the adjustment of the commission.

We did our best to make the cutoff happen on 31st AUG, but this would have caused additional delays. 

The current period went from 17th AUG to 3rd SEP. The next cutoff, starting today, will be from 4th SEP until 15th SEP.

Some people will experience one of the following cases:

If your players won during the first 3 days of September, the negative commission accrued in those first 3 days will be deducted to your expected commission for August 31st. 
However, this is not something to be worried about; in fact, the negative commission accrued in the 3 days has been already accounted and it will not affect your commission for the next 12 days of September.

This means that the winnings in the first 3 days of September will ONLY affect your commission accrued in August and NOT the commission of the first 15 days of September.

If your players did not win during the first 3 days of September and your commission is lower than what you saw on 31st August, this is due to the fact that one or more of the previous winnings that happened in August were not accounted and therefore you had an incorrect Gross Game Revenue (GGR). 
When the GGR was recalculated, all the winnings were accounted and the commission are adjusted consequently. 

For most of the agents the commission is higher than what they expected on 31st AUG because their players lost in these first 3 days of September and hence the GGR and the commission are higher.

If your commission was adjusted significantly, please contact your top agent.

Thank you for understanding.

747 Admin

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  • 747 Live changed the title to Commission Update 31st Aug 21
16 minutes ago, Tine said:

I can't believe it.  You mean to say my commi from Aug 17 till 31 was only 1200? From 6600 to 1200? How come there's a big discrepancy. 🥺🥺






no discrepancy, you have received 50% commission already. 50% is still available and you will receive it from your agent. This depends on the agreement that your agent has got with us. 

you have received 5233 chips and you will receive another 5233 php.

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6 hours ago, Ninja1234 said:

My commission has been released but it’s only 200+. It should be 900+ according to the report. I tried checking from august 16-31, aug 17-31 even aug 17- sept 4. It should really be 900+ accoding to the report. Please take a look on this as soon as possible. Thank you!


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