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DPC China Division 1 - T1 vs OB.Neon | Jan 5, 4PM

Mary C

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DPC China Division 1 - T1 vs OB.Neon | Jan 5, 4PM

Today, January 05 at 4PM, South-East Asia's first DPC league of the 2021/22 season begins. In the opening game of the day of the elite division, T1 and OB.Neon will battle out. 


T1 started off to a strong start in the DPC league, as indicated by their performances during first 2 weeks. From the first match, they were defeated 2-0 by TNC, and in the following match, they were tested by SMG that now seems like the elite but not satisfactory enough for T1. Another 2-0 win, and BOOM is now in second place. 


What's the point of changing anything when 23savage is leading and everybody is skillfully assisting him? A competitor in The International 10 and the defending Asian DPC winner, the T1 team now has the greatest accomplishment for a Korean company in Dota 2. 23savage has managed to find a team to work with. It's prepared to take on the Asian DPC scene as well as the rest of the world. In the new season, this team is the top contender in SEA, but it's critical to keep dominating. 


It's indeed worth winning easily and heading into the break in high spirits now that the rival is of lower caliber. 


At Huya Winter Invitational in the last week of 2021, OB.Neon surprisingly found themselves in the third position of the competition. The Filipinos defeated a resurrected Team Aster (2-0) and even Royal Never Give Up (2-1), which is an unexpected victory. The team is 0-3 in the SEA DPC and is a serious threat to be relegated to the second level. 


OB Esports x Neon team have undergone considerable adjustments. All the star players moved to BOOM.  The current Neons are, overall, an experiment that should really be proven by the end of this year, if not the whole 1st DPC season. 


OB.Neon was one of the few to compete in multiple Tier-3 competitions following TI10, switching its carry along the road. Filipino Palos, who recently joined the club from Execration, is the reigning top one. Moreover, prior to the actual DPC season, OB.Neon recruited Mamang Daya, an Indonesian duplicate who spent a lot of time with Army Geniuses. The boys switched players at fifth place following an unsuccessful BTS, with the new player being Filipino Abeng, who comes back to his home ground after 2 years. 



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