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Anti-defamation rules

747 Live

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747 is firstly a community of people and we must make sure that mutual respect comes first.

Litigations and personal issues will spread a bad image, influence people’s life negatively and ultimately damage the business, for this reason they should remain private.

  1. Whoever is caught posting defamatory content about other 747 people will have their account blocked until the content is removed.
  2. Because 747 is not a court, we cannot enter the details of personal litigation and thus all people involved will be blocked regardless of who is “right” and “who started first”.
  3. All content that violates the law will also be reported to the competent authorities and all technical support will be given to the offended people.


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Hi, Hungry Bear.

I have a question regarding this. But I honestly and humbly say that I committed late sending of commission for my agents due to personal business during the cut off of March 16-31. 

I know I made a mistake to my agents and I already paid their commission a whole.

But I am asking because my CM, hold my Master Agent account and gave it to others. Is there anything to do with that to claim my account back? 

Thank You.

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I'm having issues with my former CM. He is now kicked out from the 747 Support team because our team chips he is taking chips from our accounts without permission and we can't do anything about it.

Now, I am trying to apply as a CM to any existing team and no one is accepting my team because of what my previous CM did to our team.

I really want to grow my career here, I want my loyal agents to have better roles as they can really do manage themselves.

I am my own funds, I have my own loader, my agents are self funded.

I really want to talk to someone who can help me. 

You can reach me at www.fb.com/seth.kulet 

Thank you 

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