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Change of Top Agent

747 Live

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Agent Moving - (Filipino scroll down)

1.       Any agent who was moved to another website by any of his top lines can be re-acquired by any other agents from 747. If the agent deliberately moved to another website so to come back under a different agent, this procedure is invalid, and the agent has to apply to the previous top-agent and eventually apply for a different agent as described below.

2.       A top-agent CANNOT offer a higher commission plan/rebate to an agent under another top-agent.
          A)      Nobody shall directly or indirectly target agents or players belonging to the 747 network
          B)      Nobody shall make promotional offers dedicated to attract agents and players  from other 747 agents

3.       An agent can request to be moved to another top-agent if:
          A)      There are personal issues, and no solution can be found and/or
          B)      There is evidence that the top agent is misbehaving (stealing chips, asking for loans and so on) and/or
          C)      Top agent not replying when support is needed and/or
          D)      Top agent not assisting cashouts and/or
          E)       Top agent not providing a good service for cashin and cashout and/or
          F)       Top agent inviting to move to another casino
          G)     Another agent has better services (lotteries, games, community perks, team building, etc)
          H)      The down agent meets the criteria to be upgraded but the top-agent doesn’t want to upgrade him without valid reasons

4.       An agent cannot move to another top-agent just because of a higher commission plan.

5.       If the agent has a negative commission plan, it must be paid by the new top-agent.

6.       If the agent has loans to repay to his top agent, he has to repay them before moving or the new top agent will have to repay.


1.       The agent who wishes to move must try to resolve his problems with his top agent and try for at least 10 days

2.       If no solution is found, the agent has to take the screenshots of the conversations showing that he informed the top agent about his/her problems and that no solution is available

3.      The agent has to fill out this form https://forms.gle/W4McjeFJfazzyGEF6 attaching the screenshots

4.       The new top agent has to view the screenshots and make sure that the reasons are real and that the agent is not moving for a better commission plan

5.       The new top-agent has to inform the previous top-agent.

6.       If the old top-agent believes that the transferring does not respect the rules, he can negotiate with the new top agent and if no agreement is found, he can open a case filling out this form https://forms.gle/FCheqAfPYf6Howb27

7.       The process is automatically verified by the parties, 747 does not intervene unless a case is opened.

8.       747 will NOT usually block any agents involved in the case unless there was a serious violation that deeply damaged the network





Paglilipat ng Agent

1.       Kahit sinong agent na nilipat sa ibang betsite ng kahit na sino sa kanyang top lines ay pwedeng makuha ulit ng ibang agents ng 747. Pero kung ang agent ay kusang lumipat sa ibang betsite para bumalik at maging under ng ibang agent, ito ay invalid. Kinakailangan ng agent na mag-apply sa dating top-agent at kalaunan ay mag-apply sa ibang agent na ipinapaliwanag sa baba.

2.       HINDI PWEDENG magbigay ng mas mataas na commission plan o rebate ang top-agent sa isang agent na under ng ibang top-agent.

          A)      Sinasadya man o hindi, walang sino ang pwedeng magtarget ng agent o player na nasa 747 network.
          B)      Walang sino ang pwedeng gumawa ng promotional offers na gagamitin para akitin ang mga agent at player na galing sa ibang mga agent ng 747.

3.       Pwedeng magrequest ang agent na mailipat sa ibang top-agent kung:
          A)      Merong mga personal na isyu na hindi masolusyunan o
          B)      Mayroong ebidensya na may ginagawang mali ang top agent (nagnanakaw ng chips, nangungutang, at iba pa) o
          C)      Hindi nagrereply ang top agent sa mga oras na kailangan ng support o
          D)      Hindi nag-aassist ng cash-out ang top agent o 
          E)      Hindi nagbibigay ng magandang serbisyo ang top agent sa pag cash-in at pag cash-out o
          F)      Nag-iimbita ang top agent na lumipat sa ibang casino
          G)      May mas magandang serbisyo ang ibang agent (lotto, laro, community perks, team building, etc),
          H)      Na-meet ng down agent ang criteria para mai-promote bilang top-agent pero ayaw siya I-promote ng top-agent at walang valid reason na maibigay ang top-agent

4.       Hindi pwedeng lumipat ang agent sa ibang top-agent dahil lang sa mas mataas na commission plan.

5.       Kung ang agent ay may negative commission plan, kailangan itong bayaran ng bago niyang top-agent.

6.       Kung may utang ang agent sa kanyang top agent, kailangan niya munang bayaran ang kanyang utang (negative commission) bago siya makalipat sa ibang top agent, o kinakailangan na bayaran ito ng kanyang bagong top-agent.


1.       Ang agent na gustong lumipat ay kinakailangang ayusin ang mga problema sa kanyang top agent sa loob ng sampung araw.

2.       Kung walang solusyon sa problema, kailangang I-screenshot ng agent ang pag-uusap nila ng top-agent at nakikita sa pag-uusap na sinabi ng agent ang kanyang mga problema pero walang solusyon para rito.

3.       Kailangang I-fill out ng agent ang form na ito https://forms.gle/W4McjeFJfazzyGEF6 at ilagay ang mga screenshot

4.       Kailangang tingnan ng bagong top-agent ang mga screenshot at siguraduhin na makahulugan ang mga rason at hindi lilipat ang agent para lamang sa mas magandang commission plan.

5.       Kailangang sabihan ng bagong top-agent ang dating top-agent.

6.       Kung ang dating top-agent ay naniniwala na ang paglilipat ay walang pakundangan sa rules, pwede siyang makipag-areglo sa bagong top-agent. Kung hindi nagkaroon ng kasunduan, pwede siyang mag-open ng kaso sa pamamagitan ng pag fill out ng form na ito https://forms.gle/FCheqAfPYf6Howb27

7.       Automatic na I-veverify ng lahat ng parties ang proseso. Hindi makikialam ang 747 maliban na lang kung may binuksan na kaso.

8.       Kadalasan, hindi magboblock ang 747 ng kahit na sinong agent na kasali sa kaso maliban na lamang kung may malalang paglabag na nakasira sa network.




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  • 747 Live changed the title to Change of Top Agent
9 hours ago, kuyaayan said:

how to become an agent?? 




I understand you want to become an agent. We appreciate your interest. As an agent of 747 you must have at least 5 Active players. May I ask if you have experience being an agent before?

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THANKYOU for the extra commission 🙏♥️

I'm so very thankful to be part of 747 AGENT ☺️

Even if ,, sometimes I encountered negative commission .. still Fighting 💪

Looking more players and be more patience is the key 

Someday, I will be a successful .. because of 747 live opportunity 🙂♥️

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